The lights in the forest show the country’s first dream forest airborne Chongming – Sohu travel

The lights in the forest show the country’s first "dream forest" airborne Chongming – Sohu travel in Shanghai, for the dream of the forest can be achieved in Chongming national Forest Park. And this National Day holiday, Forest Park will open an unprecedented new experience. Large real theme light show "2016 Chongming light show" in the dreamlike Forest Holiday airborne Chongming Dongping national forest, the door of the world-class light show, the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games level, a dream trip. Oriental Dream pictures "forest" is the first in the green forest as the theme of the real light show by Shanghai gamma cultural development limited company research and development production, experts to participate in the Beijing Olympic Games, more than Shanghai, World Expo, Nanjing Youth Olympic Games, a new landmark of Shanghai the Bund 3D light show and other world-class large-scale activities in the production of dedecates. As a well-known cultural square gamma lighting company, lasted for half a year, the artists in the original painting manuscripts on the basis of 1000, through the 3D modeling in the form of national Forest Park of Dongping into the largest real lighting art exhibition Chinese. This event will use light and other high-tech means to bring your sensory stimulation. First introduced the Chongming Dongping national Forest Park, Forest Park in Shanghai so much, why choose this? The reason is very simple, because it is beautiful! "The magnificent forest flowers although this event in the night, it is strongly recommended that you have to play one day, is really beautiful! In addition to the high value of the largest Yan, Chongming Dongping national Forest Park is the East China area of artificial forest. And its light pollution is the lowest in Shanghai, to ensure that the activities of all the art works of light can play its artistic effect to the extreme. Chongming Island is second only to the island of Taiwan, Hainan Island China third Island, a "gateway to the Yangtze River" reputation, adjacent to Shanghai City, the geographical position is superior. Since you want to do the top lighting show, of course, to choose the most appropriate place to do. In the efforts of the experts, lighting technology and quiet forest with science and nature, a seamless heavenly robe, the collision of a gorgeous spark. Each plant emits light in the magic light costume, recounting ancient myths and legends, mysterious ancient. 3.5 km immersion show line broke the record of a number of international art exhibition, where visitors, the reality and dreams into one. The whole route, the designers make full use of every corner to show the imagination of the science and technology special effects: super large water curtain projection, holographic projection, naked eye 3D projection, aerosol forest, infrared thermal sensing, fluorescence chemical reagent…… This fantastic forest is an epic art of lighting. We all love to watch IMAX movies, because of the big screen, looks more and more into a sense of shock, the same is true of projection light show, the bigger the sense of substitution. The "Oriental Dream pictures forest" is a giant projection device several more than 40 meters, 40 meters in diameter to know are half the size of a football field, it is to break the record of the activities of international art exhibition. Absolutely is the "immersion lighting experience" the strongest light show.相关的主题文章: