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Residents reported light pollution after being thrown Hotel swill tube LED billboard Shuicheng denied leaking information by Grange investigation illegal advertising facilities morning news reporter Zhang Jiaqi morning news reporter Ye Songli Hotel LED billboard light pollution exceed the standard, according to the surrounding area residents headaches, eye dryness, sleepless night. The complaints from residents for more than two months, finally someone willing to tube – September 22nd, Huangpu District law enforcement brigade bansongyuan road squadron law enforcement officers went to sea Grange law enforcement, LED billboards and then open the door which stores warning light pollution (commonly known as "horse light") will take measures. That night, the hotel is no longer the lantern light, on behalf of the residents complaints Wang also feel relieved. However, at 10 pm, two men carrying a bucket of hot swill, directly poured into his home. Currently, the police are confirming the identity of the perpetrators. Is the lantern lit a astringent eye Mr. Wang told reporters that the manufacturing Bureau Road No. 405 Sea Farm Hotel the lantern, was installed in July 13th, because he lived on the edge of the channel 370 Lane residential building on the first floor, one night to light up the red, the curtains are too bright. Directly affect the quality of sleep. Residents Ms. Gu said, the revolving door opened, around a piece of red, we spend the night in the aisle shade, are not too long. Because even if not staring at the red and white advertising, a little longer, it might be the light headache, eye astringent tears. "The summer night, according to the small red lantern, perhaps the psychological effect of red light, feel particularly hot this summer." The lantern hanging on that night, Mr. Wang began to call the hotline complaints, Mr. Wang calls to reporters out of records, from July 13th to September 23rd, he has 8 times to the public hotline to reflect the situation. Period, the public hotline will be transferred to the issue of Huangpu District lighting landscape management (referred to as the "light") treatment. The lights do Mr. Fu later call Mr. Wang, confirm the Sea Farm Hotel zouma light pollution, the lighting billboards and the hotel to hang out not for lighting office for administrative license, illegal advertising facilities should be dismantled in accordance with the provisions of. However, at the same time the lights do reply Mr. Wang "they have no enforcement power can not only remove", put the question to the Huangpu District law enforcement brigade bansongyuan road Squadron, the urban management department to make law enforcement. Huangpu District light office of the relevant staff told reporters, according to the "public place of light emitting diode (LED) display the maximum visual brightness limit values and measurement", LED display sea grange, there is the problem of light pollution exceed the standard, no administrative license lantern hotel. Law enforcement officers go immediately on September 25th stores, reporters came to the farm land to a hotel manager surnamed Su asked what time to remove the lantern? Sue asked reporters: you go to the street to see other people, they have no administrative examination and approval? Why others do not dismantle the house, it is necessary to dismantle our? Huangpu District law enforcement brigade bansongyuan road squadron law enforcement officers of Bangladesh相关的主题文章: