The Future Of Investment Banking Services In

Investing Investment banking India has always been very crucial for the smooth flow of market transactions between various investors, .panies, firms and the government. These banks will have a role to play even in the future, irrespective of the economic conditions in the country. Role of Investment banking .panies in India Investment banking .panies generally help their clients to access capital through equity, debt and other kinds of investment products. These firms also trade in equities and derivative products and also help .panies with merger and acquisition deals. About a couple of years back, when the world economy was reeling under a recession, many investment banking firms either collapsed or were on the brink of closure. Even a few firms in India were affected by this global downturn. This led to many skeptics writing off the revival of these firms. What is in store for the future? The economic downturn revealed that only the strong can swim against the tide and still remain afloat. Those skeptical must realize that the market has its own upheavals and downturns. When you look at the financial strength of these .panies, you just cannot ignore them. No wonder, most of these firms bounced back once again. However, the future of Investment banking .panies in India looks good, even though we may see new investment guidelines. Expected Investment Guidelines Considering what is happening after the economic crash in the United States, even our policy makers may be tempted to bring in some stringent guidelines for investment banking services in India. This may be done with a view to ensure better risk management. Another option which the law makers may think of is tinkering with the claw back option. This will certainly protect the investment .panies against fraudulent and unethical traders and .panies who might trigger a market crash, thereby causing huge losses. This provision will ensure recovery of their profits. Lastly, banks may be advised to go slow on short term funding in order to reduce mismatch between assets and liabilities. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: