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The food and Drug Administration will put beef and mutton and "Clenbuterol" column sampling of key species – Politics – original title: Food and Drug Administration for supervision will put beef and mutton and "Clenbuterol" column for the supervision and sampling of key species, the State Food and Drug Administration 24 news release, the food and drug administration will take the bull lamb, and "Clenbuterol" as key species and key project supervision and sampling, increased sampling efforts. According to reports, recently, some provinces and cities found in parts of market, supermarkets, stores and restaurants operating in beef and mutton and special supervision and sampling monitoring (including cattle and sheep offal products contain "Clenbuterol)". In order to further standardize the beef and mutton sales behavior, to crack down on illegal business with "Clenbuterol" beef, mutton, beef and mutton to guarantee quality and safety, food and Drug Administration requirements of the country with the actual administrative areas, organize the supervision and inspection, focus on processing of cattle and mutton products and small workshops, production enterprises, markets, shopping malls, supermarkets, shops, carnivorous food service units and other places to conduct a comprehensive inspection, thorough investigation and clean-up of substandard beef and mutton. Food and drug administration requires all localities to supervise the beef and mutton and meat products production enterprises, markets and other food service units, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "food safety law" of People’s Republic of China, beef and mutton and meat products purchased, establish and strictly implement the purchase inspection certificate and invoice and record system, specifically responsible acceptance requirements, the purchase of beef and mutton must have the certificate of quarantine and inspection, and can be back. Prohibit the purchase using unsolicited, no quarantine certificate or quarantine unqualified for beef and mutton. At the same time, to encourage the ability of the enterprise, strengthen the market opened on the "Clenbuterol" meat inspection, found the problem immediately and report to the regulatory authorities. Food and drug administration also called on all localities to crack down on illegal activities, strengthen information reporting. (reporter Xu Qingsong) (commissioning editor: Gong (Intern), Shen Yaxin tester)相关的主题文章: