The first trip home integration curtain as raw CEO to the first Brigade General Manager 519697

The first trip home integration curtain as raw CEO to the first brigade of general manager of the first trip home integration curtain of the first trip to the hotel and Econo Hotel reporter Le Yan [flagship high-end series started home run in the background, brand segmentation and customer base management may encounter integration problems in September 8th, the first trip to the hotel (600258.SH) announcement Sun Jian was appointed as the original CEO, headed by general manager of hotel. This is the first brigade after the acquisition of home, such as a personnel adjustment. In fact, if incorporated into the first brigade department after the integration has been of concern to the outside world, but because of "Yi and incident" once cold. "First Financial Daily" reporter learned that, after the appointment of the new personnel, such as home and the first brigade will be diversified in the brand, to join the mode and benefit diversification and other aspects of integration. "Compared to the Jinjiang Department of state, in fact, the first brigade Department of the personnel changes and operation for home privatization are still relatively flexible, such as from the year after creation to establish a new organization, the privatization process, the first trip to the hotel is almost no market intervention in the family of independent operation." Crack consulting chief analyst Wei Changren pointed out. But the industry is worried that the flagship high-end series of first brigade Hotel and Econo Hotel started in the background, such as home operations, brand segmentation and customer management may encounter integration problems. Both sides of the brand positioning is actually very different from the perspective of the advantages, the two sides can be from the economy to the high-end hotel market full coverage. However, the first brigade is always taking the high road, and rely on the brand positioning as Econo Hotel started, two different, Econo Hotel to go is difficult, especially to enhance the brand image is very difficult." China and the United States chief knowledge expert Zhao Huanyan told the first financial daily reporters. Zhao Huanyan believes that if the home and the first trip due to different customer groups, and background operation and maintenance and customer base will be quite different, if you want to do with membership system or marketing operation of the unified, there are some difficulties, because of the high star hotel and Econo Hotel management background is completely different. But if the future is not conducive to the lack of coordination, after the merger of the "new song of wine as" unified operation and coordinated development. As of the end of 2015, such as the Chinese market in 355 cities a total of 2922 Econo Hotel. The first trip to the hotel under the command of Beijing BTG Jianguo Hotel Management Co. Ltd., Ningbo Nanyuan group Limited by Share Ltd hotel management company, management from five star to all kinds of economic type hotel more than and 170. For the integration of the future, the reporter learned that, such as the hope to promote the development of innovation, including the diversity of the two sides of the brand, to join the way of diversification, diversification of income, O2O innovative marketing. Compared with the single Home Inns hotel operations, a relatively complete industrial chain of BTG, including the first brigade Department of operation and investment theme parks, scenic spots, travel agencies, restaurants, cars and other downstream related industries, and the joint development of home business can. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: