The fire pattern the father out no money no one is still out of work

"The fire pattern" the father out "no money no one" still a new work in recent years, many well-known Japanese producers have after leaving the old club to re start. For them, in addition to some people to switch to the field of mobile games, and some people are choosing the stem from their own, focus on their spiritual sequel ace works. The day before, "Fire Emblem (Fire Emblem)" (hereinafter referred to as FE) the father of Kaga Akimi officially released its latest game "the legend of Leah Vista knight and the Witch of the" star of national subjugation. In such a feeling than the day "era, many well-known producers for various reasons and the original company has become the representative part company each going his own way, other producers of products, some even will become history. "Rock" and "demon city" in the various spiritual sequel have been open, than Inafu Keiji, fifty LAN koji much more low-key overwhelmed Kaga Akimi also joined the "spiritual sequel" ranks. From the night school to "fire pattern" the father to retire the game circle in fact, from Kaga Akimi on a game on the PS2 platform of the "2" refers to the legend of tears for sale is over 10 years. The launch of "the legend of Weiss Talia" also indicates that the veterans returning to the game, and the preferred target is the best war chess. But if you really want to look back on the past, go back to 30 years ago. At the beginning of 1986, when the first part of the development of Nintendo from Nintendo set up a Intelligent Systems (hereinafter referred to as IS), but this time there is no matter of Kaga Akimi. Here I would like to mention a person, is the father of GB Yokoi Ra, is in his mediation under Nintendo acquired IS agency, which Yokoi Ra will drop into the IS agency, Zhao Kaga, to know the Kaga just before a three flow of industrial cram evening teachers, joined the IS agency before even over confused. Now mention the name of Kaga Akimi, the player’s first reaction is certainly the father of the fire pattern, in fact, FE can not be completely considered the project. Probably in the second half of 1987, is also in Kaga entered the IS for second years, had already become a producer in Kaga responsible for the liquidation of a Nintendo investment in the United States computer software company to found a business plan, and this plan is the first prototype of FE series. After the discovery of this book, and he will bring it back to the IS service in the company, the other two high into wide under the help of Machida Min, the project was modified into the Japanese chess rules, and named the "Fire Emblem". The once through Nintendo audit, after Kaga Ya personally as planning, director and script, to participate in the development of the first series of works. By the way, after wide and Machida Min is the pioneer of FE. Kaga rarely interviewed here, only to find a 20 years ago in the Journal of graph, on the right is a plus in April 1990, "Fire Emblem: Dark Dragon and sword" on sale in Japan, this time the Japanese console game market has entered the 32 era, while the sega.相关的主题文章: