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Home-and-Family E cigarettes, or electronic cigarettes, are a smoking alternative that has received plenty of praise from smokers and the public who thinks it could be a life-saving product and plenty of bad publicity from the FDA and naysayers who claim that it is dangerous and could attract non-smokers to pick up the smoking habit. Regardless of what side of the argument you are on, you can’t argue against the fact that using the e cigarette in your home is much better than using a real tobacco cigarette. First, there is the whole health issue. Tobacco smoke contains thousands upon thousands of carcinogens and toxins while e cigarette vapor does not. Perhaps traces of nicotine can be found in the vapor that is emitted, but further studies need to be conducted to confirm this. Using cigarettes in a home where there are non-smokers living as well is a serious threat to their health and to their life. Secondhand smoke has proven to be fatal and claims more than 50,000 lives annually in the United States alone. Young children, whose bodies are still developing and growing, are more susceptible to developing a disease or suffering from some sort of a respiratory problem because of this smoke. In fact, children who reside in a smoking household are many more times likely to have asthma and bronchitis. .panion pets are also prone to developing disease from being exposed to secondhand smoke. Aside from other people and pets, cigarettes also affect your home and everything in it. The smoke, which does not have the best smelling odor in the world, travels to other parts of the home and can actually stain walls, furniture and other belongings. When painting or putting up wallpaper are to be done, the walls have to be cleaned up of extra residue. Furniture will smell and contain cigarette residue, and clothing and other fabrics will also smell. The e cigarette does not need a lighter to be "lit up" for use because it is powered up by a rechargeable battery. Therefore, there is no need for ashtrays because there are no ashes. Using the e cigarette in the home is as easy as pulling it out, taking a few puffs, and putting it away. There is no need to "put it out" or place it into an ashtray, and the device does not have a flame or does not get too hot where it can’t be stored inside a fabric .partment, such as a purse, a pocket, or a carrying case. There is no need to worry about falling ashes onto your furniture. With the e cigarette, the risk of fire is eliminated. Thousands of fires have culminated as a result of a smoker falling asleep with a cigarette in the hand or f.etting to put it out properly. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: