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The couple quarrel wife lying in high speed driving lane couples bicker occur when traveling, this is not what events. Yesterday, a quarrel a couple drove in the town of Yang Li River high speed driving, a wife lying directly on the high-speed road, danger triggered at any moment. A passing driver called the police, said the highway lane lying on a pedestrian. At that time thought it was a traffic accident, the man was injured, it may be more serious, we received the police the first time to inform the ambulance there are obstacles, we three traffic police together. Very worried the police rushed to the scene, I saw a white car parked in the emergency lane, a 40 year old middle-aged woman lying on the ground crying, beside a man has been to persuade her up. Women’s mood is very excited, no matter how the police persuasion, is not willing to get up. Finally, her husband forced her to the car. Jiang said the driver, more than 9 in the morning, he drove with his wife Humou from Zhenjiang, Danyang back home in the process of driving, the altercation occurred in the two. For fear of anger impulse Hu jumped, Kang had parked in the emergency lane. Which know, just stop the car, Hu went to lie down the driveway.相关的主题文章: