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Boeing Chinese settled behind: trillion aviation market + Airbus Sohu onslaught of Finance in the occasion of the centenary of Boeing, and has finally taken a historic step China cooperation in the aviation industry. On the afternoon of October 28th, Boeing, China commercial flight company held a press conference in Hangzhou, announced the completion of Boeing 737 aircraft and delivery center located in Zhejiang, Zhoushan. This is the first time Boeing has extended part of the 737 production system to overseas. This is the forty-fourth year of Boeing’s entry into china. It is said that more than 50% of the civilian jets operating in China are Boeing aircraft. But let a little afraid to relax, Boeing is in the Chinese this super trillion aviation market is suffering from rival Airbus Company increasingly powerful sniper. In October, Airbus China company president Chen Juming said that in the China sales strategy, Airbus will take measures, and competition is completely different, and actively China aviation industry cooperation. In the opinion of the majority of people in the industry, Boeing’s first overseas factory located in Chinese behind the rise, China aviation industry is Chinese trillion aviation market temptation, is also the inevitable upgrade of Boeing and Airbus in China dispute. From the customer to the strategic partner Boeing and China aviation industry cooperation began in 1981. According to Boeing to provide the "daily economic news" reporter data, Boeing and China aviation industry from the simple "customer supplier relationship" become a "strategic partnership", the past 30 years, Boeing has China from purchasing more than $2 billion worth of aircraft spare parts and components, is the largest China aviation industry international customers. Today, Boeing is the country’s leading aviation industry supplier of nearly 40, in addition to the support of more than and 20 secondary suppliers. More than 9000 Boeing aircraft used in China made parts. China participated in the manufacture of all Boeing models, including 737, 747, 767, 777 and 787 dreamliner. With the continuous increase in the productivity of Boeing civil aircraft, Boeing in China’s annual purchasing volume will increase year by year. October 27th, Boeing held in Tianjin, China – Boeing aviation industry cooperation forum, also announced a number of expansion and deepening of the Boeing and China Aviation Industry mutually beneficial partnership agreement. Zhang, vice president of China operations and business development, said: "in China, the completion of the completion of the 737 aircraft and delivery center, so that Boeing is more close to Chinese customers in the 737." It is clear that Boeing intends to further consolidate and strive for greater market share in china. According to Boeing’s forecast, the next 20 years, China will need a total value of over $1 trillion of new aircraft to meet the needs of China’s air transport development in the next 6810 years. As a result, China will become the world’s first total value of over one trillion u.s.. Onslaught of rivals: Airbus in the industry view, Boeing’s first overseas factory floor Chinese, promote diplomacy, another major factor is from the direct onslaught of rivals: airbus. Compared to Boeing, Airbus later entered China, but.相关的主题文章: