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Health Florida, like the majority of states, grants limited guarantees to anyone who wishes to buy individual health insurance and, while your ability to buy medical insurance is dependent to some degree on your current state of health, there are certain circumstances where health insurance .panies in Florida have to offer you insurance. Usually, health insurance .panies are permitted to ask questions about your medical history and to refuse you cover if you have a current medical problem or have a history of particular conditions. However, more usually, insurance .panies will insure you, though they will either exclude specific conditions from your insurance cover or raise your premium and cover these conditions. In Florida however there is an exception to the rule in the case of a history of breast cancer if you have had a course of breast cancer treatment at least two years prior to your current application for insurance. In this instance an insurer is not permitted to refuse to insure you. If you have been covered by group insurance for at least three months and later lose that cover then, within Florida, you have the right to purchase a conversion policy and insurance .panies must offer you the choice of at least two plans. Also, .panies cannot inflict a new exclusion for pre-existing conditions. They can however enforce an exclusion clause if you have not .pleted any previous qualifying period. If you cannot qualify for a conversion plan but are HIPAA eligible then insurance .panies must not refuse to cover you and must offer you a choice of at least two plans. HIPAA eligibility requires that have had at least eighteen months of creditable continuous coverage (the last day of which has to have been under a group health insurance policy) and have used up any eligible COBRA or continuation coverage. Further, you must not presently have health insurance (or your current group cover must be about to expire) and must not be eligible for a further group insurance policy or for either Medicaid or Medicare. Finally, an application for health insurance under HIPAA eligibility must be .pleted within 63 days of losing your previous cover. Where an insurance .pany or HMO is no longer able to offer cover, because they have for example ceased trading or you have moved to a location outside of their service area, then other insurance .panies must offer to provide you with insurance cover whatever your state of health. Newborn children, newly adopted children and children who are placed for adoption have to be covered under a parent’s individual insurance policy for 31 day from the date of birth, adoption or placement. In Florida a child who is disabled is to continue to enjoy the benefit of cover when dependent coverage has previously been in issue past the age at which cover would usually be ended, providing the child is not able to support himself (or herself) because of either physical or mental disability and is dependent on the policyholder for support. The cover offered by an individual health insurance policy in Florida will be largely dependent on the policy that is purchased but Florida law requires that all plans give cover for a number of benefits such as mammograms, diabetes treatment and childhood immunizations. The list of mandatory benefits is updated from time to time and an up-to-date list is available from the Florida Department of Financial Services. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: