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Arts-and-Entertainment Entertainment today is not always good. There are very few entertainment .panies out there that don’t add something indecent and harmful to their videos and products for children and adults alike. Living Scriptures is a .pany that strives to produce videos and products that are moral, ethical, and teach good values. Living Scriptures is a .pany founded in the 1970’s that put out cassette tapes (there was no videos then) of uplifting stories called family hour. Families could gather to listen to and talk about everyday living situations and learn to be good, contributing members of society. Living Scriptures then produced tapes of dramatized scriptures that were very impressive and brought scriptures to life, hence, Living Scriptures. Bringing scriptures to life was a good way to help everyone understand scripture stories better. People embraced these products and Living Sriptures was be.ing successful because of them. Living Scriptures dramatized audio products are still very popular. Living Scriptures has moved into several products over the years including animated bible story videos, animated hero classics videos, visit israel cds, docudrama visit israel, living scriptures animated videos, and other products. The animated series has been a great product for Living Scriptures. Many products are geared toward mormon (lds) culture as are the animated stories from the Book of Mormon and modern prophets hero stories. Mormon products is a huge market, and several .panies carry items that help lds people teach about scriptures and ways to help people deal with struggles and be.e better. Another notable lds (mormon) business model is deseret book, a leader in the lds book industry, which carries books and products centered around mormon culture. However, deseret book does not carry living scriptures products. Products that were wholesome and clean was what Living Scriptures wanted to create, and they needed to find a way to get these products out to the public. they hired and army of .mission based sales people to go door to door, selling good entertainment that taught good principles. The sales people would then get referrals and that’s how word of mouth would get the products into homes and help families teach the scriptures, see a video about Israel, or whatever product suited their interest. This also would maximize profits. Living scriptures animated stories became a great teaching product. Today, there is a web site to order products from, and even kiosks in the malls with Living Scriptures videos and other products for demonstration. Living Scriptures decided in the 1980’s to move into the movie forum, as videos became more .mon in the home. There are several sets of "mormon vhs" tapes as they were once called. Each set, such as Animated Stories from the New Testatment, contains several videos varying in number. Many of the vhs products are now available on dvd, including Animated Stories from the Old and New Testatment, and animated stories from the Book of Mormon. Living Scriptures was fortunate to land Richard James Rich, a former disney director, (The Fox and the Hound) who directed the animated stories from the book of mormon vhs and others. They are also glad to have the talent of author Orson Scott Card as part of the team. Many other talented artists make up the Living Scriptures .anization. Living Scriptures has grown into a tremendous resource for videos and cd’s for those looking for respectable, clean entertainment and more. ddb1b204afb447601a53da0c73be5453 About the Author: 相关的主题文章: