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Taiwan folk group of 40 thousand vulnerable people do new year reunion "year-end party" – Taiwan Channel – people.com.cn original title: Taiwan folk group of 40 thousand vulnerable people do new year reunion "and the" poor year-end party "eat 30 love year-end party" 31 days in all 16 counties held about 40 thousand people sharing a meal warm vulnerable groups spring "year-end party". By the people, the creation, the Huashan foundation of this event, every 26 years to the end of the year has raised wide social love, for low-income people and people in need of help to prepare a warm heart "year-end party" activities. 90 year old founder Cao Qing in Taipei to fund the creation of respondents told reporters, started in 1991 to "Friends of the street station in Taipei Wanhua train" (issue 30 homeless) lunch, did not expect to keep so far, take care range from friends of the street "to expand to a single mother, living alone elders, low-income groups etc.. 31 Taipei "poor in year-end party leader of the Taiwan authorities" in front of the office plaza. From Taipei city and New Taipei city about 20 thousand young and vulnerable populations collected from all sides from the central city, the awning, seated in makeshift greeting. Taiwan leader Ma Ying-Jeou and deputy Wu Dunyi and other dignitaries 12 pm to join this year reunion. Ma Ying-Jeou introduced in a brief speech, since assuming office, Taiwan authorities expand social assistance, recipients range from 260 thousand people to more than 700 thousand people, but there are many people need to take care of the society, the input of folk forces is also indispensable. He praised the "poor year-end party" let vulnerable groups, disabilities and low-income households get warm. Ma Ying-Jeou is the seventh time to participate in "poor, he has much year-end party" to the dining table, dining together to communicate with the public, for everyone to add food soup, feeding on red spring festival organizers prepare emergency. In the conversation, Ma Ying-Jeou learned that many single mothers got foundation foundation assistance, sold baked sweet potatoes to raise their children, and he also improvised advertising for their livelihood, and introduced the benefits of eating sweet potatoes. The statistics, this year Taipei "scholars prepared a total of 726 year-end party" awning, 2300 tables, 30000 chairs and 46000 bowls, from all sectors of society, the 3388 volunteers workpoint "order group" and "serving the angel" and "medical" and other service team. There are catering arrangements, sea food and poultry, assorted cold dishes lion head, scallops and other 10 dishes. Cao Qing also told reporters that, unlike in previous years, this year the dishes are no longer on-site production, but by the public hosted restaurants in the central kitchen after the delivery, to protect the scene clean, "garbage does not fall."". According to reports, this year the "poor year-end party funds needed to get more than 41000 people" generosity, contributions from 1 yuan to 1 million yuan nt. Vulnerable groups people each receive 500 yuan NT red, in the face of new year during the possible period of want or need. Over the past few years, "poor Taipei generally open 2000 year-end party" table, this year’s record table increased to 2300, total number of participants is from more than 3 people increased to about 40 thousand people. Cao Qing said when interviewed, including both the economic downturn factors, but also due to further transformation of Taiwan society, two aspects are allowed

台湾民间团体为4万弱势人士办新春团圆“尾牙”–台湾频道–人民网 原标题:台湾民间团体为4万弱势人士办新春团圆“尾牙” 又一届“寒士吃饱30爱心尾牙”31日在全台16个县市举行,约4万弱势群体人士共享一餐温暖的新春“尾牙”。 由人安、创世、华山基金会举办的这一活动,26年来每到岁末便广募社会爱心,为中低收入人群和需要帮助的民众准备一份暖心的“尾牙”活动。 已经90岁的创世基金会创办人曹庆在台北受访时告诉记者,活动始于1991年在台北万华火车站向“街友”(游民)发放30个盒饭,没想到能一直坚持至今,照顾范围也从“街友”扩大到单亲妈妈、独居长辈、中低收入人群等。 31日台北场“寒士尾牙”在台湾当局领导人办公室前广场举行。来自台北市和新北市的约2万老少弱势人群从四面八方汇集到城市中央,在临时搭建的遮阳棚坐定、寒暄。 台湾当局领导人马英九和副手吴敦义等政要12时许加入这场岁末团圆。马英九在简短的致辞中介绍,自就任以来,台当局扩大社会救助,受助民众范围从26万人扩大到70万人以上,但社会中需要照顾的人很多,民间力量的投入也是不可或缺。他赞扬“寒士尾牙”让弱势群体、身体障碍人士和中低收入户得到温暖。 马英九已是第7次参加“寒士尾牙”,他先后到多张餐桌上与民众一同用餐、交流,为大家加菜盛汤、送上主办方准备的春节应急红包。交谈中,马英九得知不少单亲母亲获得创世基金会协助、贩售烤地瓜来养育子女,他还即席为她们的生计“做广告”,介绍食用地瓜的好处。 主办方统计,今年台北“寒士尾牙”共准备726个遮阳棚、2300张桌子、30000张椅子和46000份碗盆,来自社会各行业的3388名志工分为“秩序组”、“上菜天使”以及“医疗”等各团队进行服务。餐饮则安排有拼盘、佛跳墙、狮子头、虾夷贝等10道菜肴。 曹庆还告诉记者,与往年不同,今年菜肴不再现场制作,而是由公益承办的餐馆在中央厨房做好后送来,保障现场清洁、“垃圾不落地”。 据介绍,今年全台“寒士尾牙”所需经费获得41000多民众慷慨解囊,捐款额从1元新台币到100万元不等。每位到场的弱势群体人士还获赠500元新台币的红包,以面对年节期间不时之需。 过去数年,“寒士尾牙”台北场一般开出2000桌,今年创纪录增加到2300桌,全台参与人数也从3万余人增加到约4万人。曹庆受访时表示,其中既有经济景气不佳因素,也由于台湾社会进一步转型,两方面都让“街友”人数有所增加。 (记者 陈悦 刘舒凌)相关的主题文章: