Syrian government forces demanding surrender within 48 hours of Aleppo militants win7codecs

The Syrian army asked Aleppo militants surrender within 48 hours – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Damascus, September 9 (reporter Che Hongliang Yang Zhen) Syria 9 government troops for the northern city of Aleppo militants to surrender in 48 hours. According to Lebanese square television reported that the Syrian government troops on the same day by the fighters to the militants in the control area of Aleppo leaflets, requiring militants to surrender within 48 hours. According to reports, the day of the Syrian army militants in the control area of Aleppo fired at least 15 rockets, killing 7 people, including children, including the death, and another 24 people were injured. Aleppo was the economic center and the largest city of Syria. For a long time, the Syrian government forces to control the western region of the city, armed opposition and extremist organizations mainly control the eastern part of the city. At the end of July this year, the Syrian army finally cut off a supply line of Aleppo militants, the encirclement. The Syrian armed opposition and formerly support front extremist organizations to conquer the front then launched a massive counterattack, and claims from the field came to support the armed personnel has to break the encirclement army at the beginning of August, the city of Aleppo to join the armed personnel. 4 this month, the Syrian army in Aleppo military operations around the progress, once again the formation of militants in the control area of Aleppo.相关的主题文章: