Sun Zhongshan led the establishment of overseas Chinese newspapers and periodicals in Wuhan – China sopor aeternus

The leadership of Sun Zhongshan founded the overseas Chinese newspapers on display in Wuhan – Beijing, China News Agency, Wuhan, November 11 (Lu Yi Cao Xufeng) to commemorate the 150 anniversary of the birth of Mr. Sun Zhongshan "seminar on Sun Zhongshan and overseas exhibition" in Wuhan on 11 of the 1911 Revolution Museum, founded by Sun Zhongshan led the 10 kinds of overseas Chinese newspapers aroused a lot of attention. Special exhibition history picture more than and 200, more than 110 pieces of cultural relics, divided into "overseas Chinese hometown bred revolution", "Xing" to the Chinese revolution, the creation of the Republic of China to maintain the Republic "" carry forward the spirit of the Chinese dream, "the four part. Among them, "Queensland Australia China", "American gold Chinese laborers," sugar cane work "in nineteenth Century in Southeast Asia Tin Chinese women" panning and other historical pictures, as well as the "Malaysia overseas Chinese economic situation", "Indochina overseas Chinese history" and other important documents, mostly provided by the overseas chinese. The reporter saw, founded by Sun Zhongshan led more than 10 overseas Chinese newspapers, the content is divided into "the ideal" and "Chinese life", "friendly exchanges", reflect the life and thought of overseas Chinese in different historical periods. History experts, the revolution of 1911 network editor 000 Xuegong in Japan, Sun Zhongshan believes that the United States, Singapore and other countries founded several Chinese schools, many newspapers is founded on the basis of which, "Mr. Sun Zhongshan and the overseas Chinese deep emotional expression". The 1911 Revolution Museum curator Yao Mingxiu believes that overseas Chinese has five continents around the world, the life of Sun Zhongshan and the Chinese knot indissoluble bound, overseas Chinese is not only the strong backing of Sun Zhongshan the success of the revolution, also gave birth to the important external conditions for their revolutionary ideas. The exhibition was co sponsored by the Museum of revolution, the Zhongshan Museum and the Jiangmen museum. (end)相关的主题文章: