Strategic Sales Action Plan Can Increase Your Insurance

Sales How about shaking up your sales results? Now is the time to rethink you’re approach and develop a plan that gets results. If your strategic sales action plan isn’t implementable and quantifiable path it won’t produce results. The key elements of a strategic sales action plan include: value, unique market position, marketing plan, sales plan, and a follow-up plan. It’s best to approach these critical elements in a specific order. Start by identifying how you will create value that people are willing to pay money for. This very simple concept is often overlooked, but people will buy from you if doing so is more valuable than buying from someone else like a competitor. And please realize that this value must be provided by you not the company whose products or services you may be selling. Establish your own person position in your market. When you don’t do that you’re just like everyone else and there isn’t any advantage to buying from you. Here are some ideas for how you can position yourself: your areas of expertise, who you work with, what you do for the people you work with, speed, quality, etc. Develop a personal marketing plan to market yourself to the people you want to sell to. Some people think a marketing plan is just a list of random marketing activities you plan to do hoping to get results, but of course that isn’t a plan. A true marketing plan is the overall plan you develop to consistently and predictably generate a specific number of qualified leads. You must be able to track and measure every action on your marketing plan so you can make adaptations and improvements. You’re most familiar with a sales plan. Your sales plan should specifically tell you how you will proactively move the qualified leads entering your sales funnel into buyers. And you should be tracking each phase making adaptations and improvements. Do you have a follow-up plan for building and extending the relationship you’ve started generating more business and referrals? That’s the whole point of a follow-up plan. Once you start a relationship with a buyer you want to at least maintain the relationship so they will buy from you again. And your follow-up plan should include referral coaching to help your loyal buyers to refer you. A strategic sales action plan can help you to get the results you want. To get the value from your plan you have to take action. As you take the right actions you produce the desired results, you know the most effective actions to take, and you can expect your desired outcomes to follow. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: