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Arts-and-Entertainment Have you ever needed to buy a gift for a person, but you didn’t really know what they wanted. Or maybe they are that person who has everything. Well, I bet you’ll find something in these gift ideas that they don’t have! Personalized Mouse pad You can buy custom printed mouse pads on various websites. Think outside the box and think of a design for the mouse pad that is totally and .pletely unique. If you need help designing it, you can probably get a .puter geek friend to do you a design with Photoshop. Custom Cartoons Another great gift idea is a custom cartoon. You can get the customized cartoon printed on a variety of mediums. The important thing is designing a cartoon that the person will enjoy. If you know the person well, though, that shouldn’t be to hard. Sabotaged picture A sabotaged picture? Yep. Also known as a Photoshopped picture it’s a picture where you use image editing software to modify a picture or pictures. If you don’t have the necessary skills, anyone with expertise in graphic design should be able to do it for you. The possibilities are endless, too. You could create a picture of them standing next to Elvis, or Ronald Reagan, or anyone they respect but have never met. Any Customized Gift There are many gifts that you can get customized so that they are truly unique. T-shirts, mouse pads, coffee mugs, bumper stickers, ink pens, and screen savers are just a few items that you turn into a unique, memorable gift. Photo Mosaic A photo mosaic is a photograph that is converted into an image made of many smaller images. For example, the mosaic may look like you from a distance, but upon close examination, it is actually made of hundreds of different photos of .puters. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: