Star moving students new song fragments leaked official response intended to come out in October

Star song fragment leaked official response: students published in October – intends to Beijing the day before, a star of Asian students in the dance studio dance video exposure on social networking sites, song fragments also unexpected outflows, video broke immediately triggered fans watching. It is reported that, at the beginning of September according to the sea culture has announced the "stars of Asia" participants will be in the form of a combination of his debut, but has been members of the list has not yet been announced. Therefore, in this period of accidental exposure of the video a few "long legged appearance who is member fans curious about, the embodiment of Holmes have had a lively discussion on the 7 seconds of video, but also do the contrast and find clues to show high technology. The video leaked, according to the official response to the sea culture "due to the negligence of staff led new song dance video leaked" early in the preparation stage, and urge users to stop the spread of the video, and revealed that the students will bring a new album to meet with you in October. This netizen "ah ~" seems to have to look at the leg thirst for half a month, October "come quickly!" "Although only 7 seconds, but really knock good! Wuli boys dance posture handsome!"相关的主题文章: