Sports-and-Recreation Bahamas Vacations

Sports-and-Recreation Bahamas Vacations: How to get there Summer is just around the corner and you are thinking of availing Bahamas Vacations for you and your family. There are several ways to get to this island paradise either by air or by sea and one of the most preferred methods of going here is joining a cruise tour which lists Bahamas as one of the ports of call. This way, you not only get to enjoy the tropical waters and fine white sand but the journey as well. Royal Caribbean, Princess Cruises and Carnival Cruises are some of the well-known cruise lines that ply this route. Flying to and from the Bahamas is easy with the many available flights via Continental Airlines, JetBlue Airways and American Airlines that can fly you to and from several US cities. There are also flights that come here direct from other parts of the world like Air Canada, Cubana Airlines and British Airways. Whatever mode of travel you prefer reaching the Bahamas has never been easier with the availability of choices. Bahamas Vacations in the Amazing Bimini No Bahamas Vacations would be complete without stopping by at Bimini Island, the beautiful isle that the great writer and poet Ernest Hemingway keep coming back to his entire life; one he led as a fisherman aside from his writing. For divers, being able to see up to two hundred feet deep is a rare and welcome treat that only the waters of the Bahamas can offer and in Bimini Island, explorers found limestone blocks neatly arranged as if to form a road which they say may belong to the Lost City of Atlantis which they called Bimini Road; its only about twenty feet deep and easily accessible. Bimini may be the smallest of the Out Islands but its beaches definitely dont lack the size as evidenced by the Tiki Hut Beach, a two mile stretch of pure white sand that highlights the beautiful vegetation of the island and makes for one amazing picture. For a little piece of history, take a dive at the Saponas wreck which was once a Liberty ship delivering liquor to states under the time of the prohibition. Once you step foot on Bimini Island you will instantly know youll return again. Great Treats on Bahamas Vacations Look for great deals and save on discount packages when you go on Bahamas Vacations; youll have more time to have fun and relax. Paradise Island Harbour Resort in Nassau has an all inclusive package for family vacationers that start at $225 a night that includes one family sized room, free breakfast, free use of in house facilities plus its very near island attractions like Blue Lagoon Dolphin Encounters and Atlantis Casino. Andros Islands Small Hope Bay Lodge is also offering an all inclusive scuba diving package starting at $2,420 which includes 8 days of accommodation with 3 dives daily, free room accommodation, all day meals and drinks, Wi-Fi access, and free calls to the US or Canada. Stay at Emerald Palms in Andros Island for three days and get your fourth night for free for only $1074 and this includes a 2 day bonefishing tour, free breakfast daily and box lunch on fishing trips, and ocean front suites. Visit the Bahamas and discover ways to enjoy it without spending too much. Bahamas Vacations: Eleuthera Bahamas Vacations in the island of Eleuthera offer both idle and calm ambience and the familiar hum of modern facilities that most hotels and resort here have. Go to the Glass Window Bridge that extends the Northern part of the island to the Eleutheran mainland and see the stunning contrasts of colors between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean; this is one picture you will never want to miss taking. Hatchet Bay Cave stretches a mile and its filled with stalactites and stalagmites which can give the illusion of underground churches. The Beach at Pineapple Fields is a wonderful treat for your eyes which can be enjoyed more at Tippys; a bar and restaurant nicely located with a view of the pineapple plantation. Eleuthera is so beautiful an island that even members of the British Royal Family have been seen vacationing here. :