Southeast DX3 tonight will push 2 models listed on the power of the 6 models-mp7a1

Southeast DX3 tonight will be pushed to push 2 models of the Phoenix car news () in November 1, 2016, this evening, the southeast of its new small SUV – Southeast DX3 will be officially listed in Beijing. The new car is full of passion for the design style of young consumer groups, will provide 1.5L and 1.5T two power, according to the configuration of a total of 6 models to choose from. DX3 located in the southeast of a small SUV, compact body, dynamic modeling, very young to meet the preferences of the user. It is understood that the DX3 will provide the Pearl White, white, black, the Zunjue titanium gray, bright red, blue, orange, little sand really green and 8 kinds of monochrome and color, red and black character Jin Jin color orange and black 2 color color selection body strength. Fashion dynamic modeling with a variety of personalized painting, more suitable for highlighting personality. Interior design is more conventional, did not use the DX7 as the relief of the console, the overall layout is more structured. The instrument uses soft plastic and hard plastic collocation method, another large screen multimedia is a grade, this will let the owner of a face. It is worth mentioning that the Southeast DX3 in the configuration is very advantageous. Is the standard of "10 in one" full range of active safety systems, including ABS electronic anti lock braking system and EBD electronic brake force distribution system, ESC full dimensional vehicle stability control system, AWS accident warning system, TCS intelligent traction control system, HAC intelligent control system, an auxiliary HDC intelligent descent, ESS emergency brake warning system, BOS brake override system, TPMS intelligent tire pressure monitoring system, ROP SUV professional anti rollover protection system, safety performance is very good. Power, will be equipped with 1.5L and 1.5T from MITSUBISHI two engines, which 1.5L model matching is 5 speed manual gearbox, 1.5T models using a Belgian PUNCH third generation CVT transmission, and can provide a simulated 8 block function, to further enhance the performance.相关的主题文章: