Sohu entrepreneur PR summit – Sohu Technology candle june

Sohu entrepreneur PR summit – Sohu technology Xu Xiaoping: if I have only one dollar can be used to do marketing, I will spend on PR." PR is an area that has long been underestimated by the early entrepreneurs or is beyond the reach of the force. For some of the main technologies and products of entrepreneurs, the product may be on the line even the team did not have a CMO. So in terms of PR, entrepreneurs who can do it? What resources are available for their use outside? So we invited the parties to talk about big coffee: entrepreneurs how to do PR activity flow 13:30-14:00 guests sign 14:00-14:10 vice president of Sohu 14:10-14:50 "startup fan hero address how to do PR" Mustang finance founder Li Xiaoye 14:50-15:30 "entrepreneurial companies brand communication strategy" Rhodes China head Alan 15:30-16:10 PR "PR" effect of project financing the Star Han capital founder Yang Ge 16:10-16: 40 "multi-creation space brand growth path" Roundtable Hong Tai innovation space Wang Shengjiang Nash space Zhang Jian space Wanliu Shuo star library space white public record space brand growth path 16:40-17:00 free Flow activity information at 14:00-17:00 on November 3rd where Sohu media building participants on 200 selected entrepreneurs Betta thousand sails, pearl, BiliBili, millet, everyone, broadcast platform page first screen organizer recommended: SoPlus is a Sohu owned venture projects in the areas of concern. Aimed at the media through the power of Sohu, witness and help entrepreneurs to create brilliant. Huaxing capital X, science and technology investment banking team Huaxing internal incubator, want to be able to use the transaction data of a market, with investors high density information exchange, and professional investment banking services, better and more comprehensive grasp of their investment preferences, the better for the new economic start-ups to obtain capital and resources, with the help of science and technology and the power of data, to create a market the most efficient financing service. Agency: registration link: event 7358613943800相关的主题文章: