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Food-and-Drink There are many ways to prepare food, especially meats. Smoking however; not only adds flavor but increases shelf life. Poultry can be put in a salt brine and then smoked using hardwood. You can keep smoked poultry frozen for up to six months, you must be careful when preparing the meat though as the fat is highly unsaturated and will be.e rancid after storing. Smoked chicken, smoked turkey, are exciting ways to enjoy nutritious and economical meats. Ireland is famous for its smoked meats especially smoked poultry. Smoked meats have been the heart of Irish food culture for thousands of years. Belfast which is the capital and largest city in Northern Ireland is famous for its ham. Ham is cured in a brine and then smoked over juniper and or peat fires. The home cook then prepares the ham by soaking and cooking it the same way you would cook any ham. The necessity and importance placed on smoked meats in Ireland can be traced back to the Irish Potato Famine. The Potato Famine began in 1845 and lasted for 6 years. The famine is credited with killing more than 1 million men, women and children. It also caused at least another million people to flee Ireland for other countries not stricken by thee famine. It is thought that because of the famine the Irish lost faith in their land. Smoking products and preserving meats became an insurance policy of sorts. Being able to keep meats for a long period of time meant that they would have variety in their food stores, in case the land once again failed them. In modern Ireland methods of food preparation have created an interest from food lovers from all over the world. Now artisan tours of Ireland are available, and routinely feature Smoked Products, Poultry Products, and even Smoked Chicken. Handmade cheeses, breads, and other local specialties add flavor and flair to these tours. Smokehouses all over Ireland are benefiting from the interest in Smoked Products, Smoked Chicken, and Poultry Products. Ireland has led other European countries in the movement referred to as the Slow Food movement and smoked products are a big part of this movement. Now Irish farmers, fisherman, growers and cheese makers are reaping financial rewards from their work. There has been an expansion of farmers markets and food shops in which Smoked Products, Poultry Products and Smoked Chicken are all the rage. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: