Six bad stock index intraday fell below 3000 points norton disk doctor

Six bearish intraday stock index fell below 3000 points Phoenix finance stock index opened sharply lower in early trading after low maintain concussion, near the morning closing, to accelerate the decline. Afternoon continue concussion, without the slightest change, fell over 2%, fell 3000 points high. From the disk, rare earth permanent magnet, trade, nonferrous metals, coal and other plate decreases, were down 4% or so, only one of the reform of the State Council in Shenzhen, a sector rose, the rest of the plate fell across the board in.   six bad due to: the Commission issued the views of the poor, poor areas IPO do not have to queue up in. This act of administrative interference in the market, the final probability will bear the consequences, institutional speculation and institutional rent-seeking is difficult to avoid. Although currently queuing poverty counties in the enterprise only a few, but the expectation is terrible, if queuing enterprises move impoverished county, a year after that, there is a pile of enterprises listed directly, it is almost the same with the registration system! In addition, in conjunction with the reorganization of the new regulations announced Friday, the backdoor has been severely suppressed, double stimulation, the short-term impact is the largest shell resources stocks! 2 Commission approved the IPO of 14 companies, raising $11 billion 600 million. Some time ago also issued new shares, under wired funds to fight the new configuration blue chip good hedge, but for now, the good news is the cash, but the threshold has been raised to 50 million, forced many large, now this "Jianqian chance" became purely a certain person’s patent! IPO is now the real blood, and finally the two level of retail investors to pick up the disk! 3 Liu Shiyu: adhere to strict supervision and strict supervision. Liu Shiyu said, "the strict supervision not hesitate, resolutely correct off real to virtual ziyuzile." G20 stability window has passed, supervision will be re homing, hit investor risk appetite! 4 Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange: intends to set up a threshold for the level of fund investors $300 thousand. There is a draft, but not really ask for advice so scattered fart, it is almost a foregone conclusion, after retail investors will not buy military B, securities B, color B, B…… the two cities a total of 140 grade fund, the total size of 1500+ billion, there are now about 60 class B fund turnover of less than 1 million, if we increase the threshold of 300 thousand, further liquidity dried up, the future will have dozens of funds forced liquidation. As for some people worry about the redemption of the redemption fund classification fund, resulting in the sale of these funds hit the stock plate, there will be some impact, but up to 300-500 million, limited impact! 5 South capital ferocious: Hong Kong stocks through a single day of funds exceeded 6 billion, a record high of 19 months. Hong Kong stocks continued to move cattle, including stocks in the United States, the stock is stronger, are the flow of funds out of the country to push up! Hong Kong stocks through is just the tip of the iceberg, a new round of capital outflows are crazy interpretation! 6 interest rate hike is expected to heat up, U.S. stocks fell more than 2%. U.S. stocks plummeted, the main interest rate hike is expected to provoke disaster! The Fed officials turn pigeon eagle, the European Central Bank to maintain interest rates unchanged, the central bank Chinese lock up long short, global monetary easing may have come to an end! The U.S. stock market volatility is about 40% of us, the Dow fell 2% is equivalent to almost A;相关的主题文章: