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Five colors of Singapore, feel the beauty of an unexpected – Sohu landed at the airport when the tour machine has been in the morning, we were greeted by the Singapore Airport home design: here is for the children to play the children’s Park, there are tropical and natural flavor of the butterfly garden and Sunflower Garden, travel a bit tired so some of the surprise elimination. In a night of rest, we began the trip. From the bustling Orchard Road, just a turn to reach our first stop – Singapore Botanic Garden. I used the camera to record the old man jumping posture, children crawled…… Guarding the city’s birds’twitter and fragrance of flowers, do not let the dream garden city is submerged in the development of flood. There is a national orchid garden botanical garden, in which the search for celebrities named section orchids are a surprise encounter, and enjoy every flower color is the enjoyment of Poetry — I marveled at the orchid color. "Zhuo Jinwan Dylan" is Singapore’s national flower, which I had heard, want to set the required national flower is also fit for a soul. Orchid, color colorful, gorgeous flowers is the smell of potential, so endowed the city with colorful and warm soul. As the orchid with white and yellow red and blue purple color, Singapore will also be in the subsequent journey be show. (a): wonderful world silver silver art should be a special color, it always give a person with unusual feeling, pure and solemn sense of color inspiration and freedom can inspire endless imagination. And if I will be linked to the color of the Singapore elements, I think art — and it embodies the greatest degree of creativity, but also ordinary people and keep the cognitive distance with not much, if any, mystery. We first went to The National Gallery in singapore. The art museum was built from the original Supreme Court Building and government buildings, the two awe inspiring national architecture is now full of artistic inspiration, unique flavor. As the world’s largest collection of modern art in Singapore and Southeast Asia, the museum will focus on the land of legend and faith, reality and imagination are concentrated. Artists or use realistic strokes to draw people’s simple daily, or in various colors to express the heart of claims, or, will you want to say into the sculpture, the formation of a strong sense of visual impact. In addition, Chinese and foreign famous painter Mr. Wu Guanzhong and galleries have a Singapore – indissoluble bound is a turning point in his career, the most fit place and he is also the "fusion" concept of art. Mr. Wu Guanzhong has donated most of his work to Singapore, and the Singapore Art Museum has become the largest collection of works for the world. Then in the evening we came to the Marina Bay Sands Art Science Museum, calm the broad waters as a pond, and the museum building itself like a lotus flower, in the night by the soft warm light, such as the mysterious Weiqi box, like the elegant Xu Xusheng air lanterns. And when we really walk into it, only to find that it is not unique to the appearance. The museum was "not Q"相关的主题文章: