Show boat as you choose flowers Beijing Park 5 best place to celebrate the travel channel ann yuanjiao

Show boat as you choose flowers   Beijing Park 5 best place to celebrate the travel channel announced — original title: Beijing Park 5 best place to celebrate a full round of "Zhongtian announced, Akino Marika." Thursday is the Mid Autumn Festival, Beijing City Park Management Center announced the best place to celebrate yesterday. In addition, 11 municipal parks and Chinese Garden Museum jointly launched the "autumn Yue garden" theme garden activities, the public can according to their own drama, like flowers, boats, climbing moon. The Summer Palace opera theater building four performances a day according to the traditional custom, the full moon night of the drum sound less string music. Reporters learned that, during the Mid Autumn Festival, there are four performances of the the Summer Palace stage in Germany and the park every day, according to the dance, opera, bells, face and other four categories of rotation every 25 minutes performance. Show the largest palace of the ancient theater graceful charm. The night before the autumn night (September 14th), Chinese Garden Museum hosted the third annual Mid Autumn Festival Concert, the concert will be to show Chinese garden artistic charm as the theme, fusion of opera, Pingju opera, Shaoxing opera, opera, opera, opera, Huangmei Opera, let visitors feel the full elegance of traditional Garden life. In addition, the reporter also learned that, as of yesterday, the major municipal park of the mid autumn festival environment layout has been successfully completed, echinacea, Hosta, Impatiens, peacock grass and other seasonal flowers with flowers, the flower park debut. During the Mid Autumn Festival, tourists can enjoy the moon while "Chou garden" garden style. Flowers Yuyuantan create "Jade Flower" Bing "in addition to the ancient moon", the reporter was informed that during the Mid Autumn Festival, Yuyuantan Park also created a "okho Bing" theme flower. By then, the public can enjoy the cherry trees, perhaps, ginkgo, Fraxinus, Begonia etc. leaves species with the temperature increase sooner or later and show the beauty of the landscape. Jingshan Hill Park "Royal Garden Bonsai Exhibition", showing the pomegranate, crape myrtle, pine and so on more than 10 species, more than 60 bonsai works; Xiangshan Park Cuiwei Pavilion scenic area with large area, the formation of "golden chrysanthemum chrysanthemum flowers". In addition, in the greenhouse of Beijing botanical garden, Zhongshan Park Tanghua dock Huifang garden and other indoor plants are also exhibition, flower boutique, rare Cymbidium holiday flower exhibition, more than 1000 kinds of greenhouse plants will bloom during the festival. A number of parks to extend the mid autumn night cruise operation time on the night, boating on the lake, you can experience the autumn months of smoke cage cage yarn "as the artistic conception of tourists, and during the Mid Autumn Festival this year, a number of municipal parks will depend on the weather conditions to extend the operation time. This year, Zizhuyuan Park East Pier carry out dream autumn night activities, cruise operation time is extended to 21:30. The mid autumn moon night, red overhang, visitors can take a boat or purple boats cruising in the bright moon lake view. Yuyuantan Park lighting will use the embankment of bridge landscape remodeling, combined into a harmonious, beautiful and spectacular distinctive Mid Autumn Festival pictures. The Sakura by ferry tourists, on the bill to receive "DIY Science Park House together with white mold", imagination, scene painting, building)相关的主题文章: