Shenzhen international auto show to play new tickets for the audience to replace the ceremony kisstudou

The Shenzhen International Auto Show play ceremony for the annual international auto show the new tickets for recycling, in addition to is the car manufacturers competing event, but also the media and the Internet platform stage. With the rapid development of the national Internet plus strategy to promote the Internet industry and the development of the automotive industry, especially after the Internet change rapidly, the market for Internet sheng. There is such a focus on business service platform to provide 4S services and customer service car car life car Netcom, have been working in the car market after this piece of fertile land, gradually grow as the representative of Internet service provider platform customer service car. Since its inception, the car Netcom around the user as the core, combined with the line entity, online platform, providing 4S store management application software and car networking hardware four parts, to build a car 4S shop service ecosystem ecosystem. The 4S shop users through mobile phone online collaboration platform car Netcom at preferential prices to enjoy high-quality 4S shop maintenance, repair, paint, cosmetic, car products, customer service service; as well as the generation of driving the car, maintenance reminders, illegal reminder, reminder, limited condition, renewal reminder, car life everything, with genuine and cheap, 4S shop service for users.   recently I and car Netcom COO Mr. Li Yuanfa exchange that has full coverage of Shenzhen Netcom car brand of car 4S shop, nearly more than 2 thousand car maintenance service, speed spray service at the same time can provide 4 hours of delivery. And in Shenzhen 8 4S shop owners opened leisure cafe, to the shop owners to provide high-quality customer service in the waiting period maintenance. 2016 the eighth Shenzhen international auto show, car Netcom [National Day Special Edition] will be officially unveiled. As the official partner of the international auto show, car Netcom and the new planning of the ticket recovery, the audience for the ceremony, the user’s special experience of the theme of the event, has become the current international auto show designated site activities. Show the audience with the tickets will be 1 yuan exchange site the most popular and most fashionable and most practical car, car variety artifact – 4 dimensional space bag. Ticket recycling, the audience for the ceremony, the theme of the activities will be innovative, interactive and influence, to become the benchmark of this international auto show, but also will become an example of innovation in the industry. For this event, giving users the ultimate experience of the product, car Netcom product development team brought day in and day out of struggle, the National Day Special Edition [users]. The new version of the new LOGO from the beginning of the establishment of a new UI system, so that the overall visual image is more vivid, more recognizable. The car Netcom’s technical director Huang Jiding admitted that the team in the past two weeks almost every day to rest less than 4 hours, the product interaction design and performance optimization is the core of this iteration, users receive the praise team is the greatest encouragement. [National Day Special Edition] to promote the all-round construction of membership system, formally established the car belonging to his nickname – Netcom users belong to the internal macaroni and macaroni welfare value — the currency. Registered car Netcom successfully became a member of macaroni, currency daily delivery, accumulation of currency can be more favorable prices for consumer brand car car Netcom products and services products, but also can!相关的主题文章: