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Shanghai reiterated that the real estate market to maintain stable and stable     multi media WeChat public rectification — real estate — rumors involving September 7 Beijing Xinhua (Xu Qian) recently, the Shanghai real estate market buyers credit deal spread rumors ", the Shanghai Municipal Construction Committee reiterated that" to maintain stable and healthy development of the real estate market". Shanghai Municipal Construction Committee, said today that since September 1st, the city’s real estate market is running smoothly, the market overheated mood significantly cool. Shanghai will continue to strictly enforce the "March 25th issued" several opinions on further improving the city housing market system and security system to promote stable and healthy development of the real estate market, the real estate market to maintain stable and healthy development. Shanghai Municipal Construction Committee also said that the city’s real estate trading center will further strengthen the window service, to protect the city’s real estate market trading order. At the same time, the Shanghai Internet information office news release, according to Internet users to report to the relevant departments and the investigation and verification, watch the Shanghai property market "18 WeChat public number spread rumors spread of the so-called" Shanghai September 1st will introduce a new property "and other false information, disrupt social and economic order and the order of Internet information transmission, bad social impact. According to the "Internet information services management approach", "instant communication tool of public information service development management Interim Provisions", network information department requirements related to the law of the 13 illegal websites, WeChat public suspend update 30, shut down 5 illegal WeChat public number. In this regard, Shanghai E-House Research Institute think tank Research Center Director Yan Yuejin said: "the closure of some real estate public number, in the hope that actively guide the healthy development of the market. From the Construction Committee’s position can be seen in the follow-up for property transactions of all kinds of control will be strengthened, such as strengthening the window service, can be fixed to monitor the transaction data, and good follow-up management of the real estate market." At the end of 8, the spread of online and WeChat public number "the purchase of credit deal rumors said," Shanghai will be the introduction of new market regulation policies in the near future, including housing and credit recognition, improve the two suites down payment "" divorce less than one year, and the purchase of loans in accordance with the policy before the divorce family treatment ", rumors, immediately triggered Shanghai buyers of the public panic, what is more, buyers choose divorce. Last weekend, the Shanghai Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau Marriage Registration Center, a surge in the number of divorced people, to buy a house for the purpose of divorce farce intensified. (see the people’s Daily reported that the Shanghai survey of the tide of divorce: Crazy property market alternative image) these rumors also led directly to the fluctuations in the property market in Shanghai, turnover surge. According to real estate research center data show that in August, Shanghai Yishoufang transaction area increased to 1 million 869 thousand and 600 square meters, the highest level ever recorded in March, the chain and an increase of respectively 42% and 50%, while Shanghai new commercial housing transaction price of 42384 yuan per square metre, hit a record data. The price rise of 40% over the same period last year, compared with the previous month increase has reached 13%. )相关的主题文章: