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Shanghai awarded the first "foreigner work permits" Sohu "foreigners get clear news zall work permit" Xinhua News Agency reporter Xie Kewei Shanghai morning news yesterday issued the first "foreigners" work permit, certificate is Joaquim Nassar (Zhuo Erqing), the Shanghai Jiaotong University – Paris hi tech engineers law school deans. With the pilot, Shanghai started in November 1st, foreigners working permit in Shanghai future, tens of thousands of foreigners will enjoy the convenience of the pilot. In December 30, 2015, the trial changed to the letter explicitly "aliens employment permit" and "foreign experts work permit" to integrate the "foreigners work permit under the state council". "Two card integration", is the original "work permit for foreign experts in China", "employment permit for foreigners" unified "work permits for foreigners notice", in the form of electronic, employers and foreign applicants can print online; the original "foreign experts certificate" and "foreigner employment permit" unified "the alien work permit". "Foreigner work permit" is a legal document for foreigners to work in China, the automatic generation of the number, "one person one," life. The official version of the "foreigner work permits", intends to use the RFID card (RFID card), the card contain photos, name, passport number, license term, work unit, work permits for foreigners uniform number, category information, contactless chip built-in, portability, verification and security, and for other places the situation permits in the country. The future will gradually realize and diplomacy, public security, customs, taxation, education, human agency and other departments exchange mutual recognition. Due to the need for certification cycle, during the pilot issued paper license. Next April 1st, the applicant may voluntarily renew the official version card certificate. After the integration of the two cards, the number of foreigners applying for work permit to submit materials to reduce the number of nearly half. Like Zhuo Erqing foreign high-end talent, the application can also enjoy "Easy Access", no age and work experience, and the applicant before entry without providing paper materials verification, proof of no criminal record by the commitment, the foreigners to apply for work permit in China time is better than the general process to reduce the work of the 10 day. According to the relevant provisions of the State Council reform office, the national level of two card integration will be implemented from April 1, 2017. According to the National Bureau and the National Bureau of Statistics survey data released by the end of 2015, Shanghai resident foreign experts more than 9.3 people. 2015, the total number of foreign experts in Shanghai to work permit and foreign employment permit approval of about 150 thousand, involving nearly 4 employing units.相关的主题文章: