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Shandong: telecommunications network fraud prevention into   University "compulsory course"; into the academic assessment — the Shandong channel, Ji’nan on 30 September, 29 in the morning, the Ji’nan Municipal Public Security Bureau Public Security Bureau of Shandong Province, held the "telecommunications network fraud prevention" in Colleges and universities focus on promotional activities in Qilu University, marks the province against governance the telecommunications network fraud crime Publicity Month campaign officially started. The current telecommunication network of high incidence of fraud, people hate, for the telecommunications network fraud cases of college students have occurred, resulting in a greater loss of property to the victims and families. The province’s public security organs to combat telecommunications network fraud crime model in a prominent position, the anti fraud center of actual operation, improve public security, finance, telecommunications and other departments of the synthesis of heavy combat system, intensify efforts to combat governance. 1-8 months of this year, the province cracked a total of more than 2 thousand and 50 cases of telecommunications fraud, arrested the suspect, the, to avoid the loss of more than 6000 yuan. Since September, only Shandong anti fraud network telecommunications center on the success of the people to discourage more than 40 people cheated, amounting to more than $2000, to combat the effect of significantly improved governance. There are 42 colleges and universities in Changqing, there are millions of teachers and students, only the University of science and Technology Park, Ji’nan, there are more than 170 thousand college teachers and students, how to effectively prevent campus telecommunications fraud cases, purify the school circle order is very important. In the campaign, Changqing Public Security Bureau introduced the telecommunications network fraud prevention work carried out in 11 universities within the jurisdiction of the practice of Shangdong woman university introduced the "anti fraud alliance network approach, Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine counselors do stand to speak. In the activity, issued letters of appointment as Changqing University Science Park 11 universities Legal Counselor of the police officers, will regularly organize into the campus to carry out prevention knowledge preaching teaching; to college counselors presented "university security Raiders" teaching materials, prevention covering telecommunications fraud prevention, fire alarm and other 10 aspects of the establishment; "students’ Fraud Prevention union telecommunications network, all college students will take the students of telecommunications network fraud prevention obligations of promotional activities, to further deepen the mutual cooperation between the police and the school, the school and the school, build up the iron bastions of telecommunications network fraud prevention. It is understood that the Shandong provincial public security department, the Provincial Department of Education recently in a joint initiative, the education department will telecommunications network fraud prevention legal class as students "compulsory" in Qilu university students will pilot security curriculum student academic assessment, this measure is the first time in Colleges and universities in the province. In the future, the university students to participate in the prevention of telecommunications fraud and other security knowledge learning and examination will also get credit, in order to promote the university campus to prevent telecommunications fraud network activities carried out in depth. (Song Cui Liu Guanwei Sun Haidong) (commissioning editor Wang Xiaolu and Hu Honglin)相关的主题文章: