Shandong banking regulatory bureau the introduction of Ji’nan’s banking sector has not yet fully sus

Shandong Banking Bureau: not issued the Ji’nan banking suspended mortgage policy – Sohu news on Ji’nan bank at the end of November fully suspended the mortgage business news, the Shandong provincial Banking Regulatory Bureau denied. The morning of November 29th, Qilu Evening News reported, November 28th, in Jinan Branch of the major banks have received an emergency notice issued before the end of August, request in November, will suspend payment of housing loans, including Yishoufang, second-hand housing and consumer loans. According to the Daily News reported that the emergency notice issued by the regulatory policy requirements, the fund loans are not restricted, the measure is likely to come from the people’s Bank of China or the banking regulatory bureau. In this regard, the Shandong Banking Regulatory Bureau reply surging news, as of now, the China Banking Regulatory Commission and the Shandong banking regulatory bureau has not issued any policy on the suspension of the banking industry in Ji’nan comprehensive business requirements. Shandong Banking Bureau said, as China dispatched offices of the CBRC, Shandong Banking Regulatory Bureau conscientiously perform supervisory duties, supervise the area of banking financial institutions in the implementation of national and local government macro-control policies, support the healthy development of the real estate industry, the real estate business risk prevention. For the supervision of the jurisdiction of the banking financial institutions to seriously implement the regulation of real estate policy, low-income housing estate market healthy and stable development, according to the unified deployment of the CBRC, Shandong Banking Bureau since the beginning of November, part of the area of banking financial institutions in the real estate business conducted a special inspection, focus on illegal activities, promote the banking strengthen compliance management mechanism.相关的主题文章: