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Seven points of the development of the fetus, pregnant women have to do seven things! – Sohu maternal pregnancy in October, people all know that are difficult to distinguish from the original eye fertilized eggs, until ten months after the 7, 8 pound fetus, during a period of ten months, the pregnant mother’s stomach, fetal completed the birth of a miracle. Although the fetus is sustainable development, in the mother’s belly but, during the ten months, fetal development is jumping, there are 7 points in the development of gold, 7 gold development point, the important organs of the fetus was developed, pregnant mother can know if the 7 gold development point to do some fetal education and increase nutrition, plays an important role in fetal development, with absolute. The first gold development point: the fetus 60 days. That is, when the mother was pregnant 8 weeks, when the fetus’s spine formed, including the skin. When the fetus grows up to 8 weeks, although the appearance of the pregnant mother can not see signs of pregnancy. But in the belly of the fetal spine began to form, and the skin began to feel, although the skin is still transparent. This time, pregnant women should do, is that you can touch the fetal education can slowly, stroking belly, let the fetus can feel mother’s care, attention must be rubbed. In addition, eat some light food, or Do some bone soup, increase the nutritional supply of the spine. Second gold development points: fetal 90 days. During this period, the development of the fetal brain is the golden point of development, determines the fetus Chile and intelligence. At this time, the fetus has spontaneous activities, such as sucking fingers, touch the umbilical cord. In this golden development point, pregnant mother to do is fetal education can be carried out, although during this period, the fetus can’t hear the voice of the outside world, but still the fetus can sense the external stimuli, can be very good to increase the brain axonal network link, gave birth to a healthy and clever baby. In the diet, eat more foods containing DNA, to supplement the child’s brain nutrition. Third gold development points: fetal 120 days. This point is the critical period for fetal auditory development, he can clearly hear the sound of the outside world, at this time, pregnant mother to the fetal education sound can listen to some soft music, to the fetus, pregnant or let dad to tell the story, let the baby feel the outside world wonderful voice. Need to pay attention to, do not give the fetus to listen to some violent and noisy sound, such as rock and roll, so as not to frighten the fetus. Fourth gold development points: fetal 150 days. Note that this time point, the fetus has memory. The fetus begins to have a memory function of the brain, the initial memory that accompanies the child’s life. At this time, pregnant mother needs to do, is to tell the fetus, father and mother love you, let the first memory of the fetus is family love and warmth. It should be noted that, in this period, parents must put an end to the fight, because the belly of the fetus will clearly remember the parents quarrel, affect the child’s mood and development. Pregnant mother can eat some meat at this time,.相关的主题文章: