Secretary of defense Trump candidate surfaced (Figure)

Secretary of defense Trump candidate surfaced (Figure) James · Matisse (data plan) original title: Secretary of defense Trump candidates surfaced or retired general Matisse as U.S. President elect Donald Trump · 20, continue to meet more than the new cabinet, with the use of social media to the outside world that he would nominate retired general James · Matisse as secretary of defense. The same day, the president Trump may because of its business and influence the political decision concerns the Trump transition team two key members of public commitment to Trump in the future, there would be no conflict of interest, he served as president and merchants will bid farewell to "career". Trump, 19, in his own golf club in New Jersey and met with other people, such as Matisse. 20, Trump microblogging site twitter message: "· James; General Secretary of Defense Minister candidate, (he) left me a very deep impression yesterday ()." Matisse, aged 66, served as commander of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, the military in the prestigious. From 2010 to 2013, he served as commander of the U.S. central command, the military operations in the horn of Africa, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Matisse also publicly opposed Barack · the administration’s Iran policy. The White House will become the director of the general office of the rhince · 20, Puri Perth said in an interview, Matisse is "very likely" served as the post of secretary of defense, "President elect Trump love like general Matisse leaders". 20, Trump Chris and New Jersey governor · Christie, a former mayor of New York; Rudi · Giuliani and the Kansas Secretary of state Chris kobak’s · et al. Local time 21 days, he will also work with the former Texas Gov. Rick · Perry, a radio talk show host Lara Ingraham met ·. 20, Perth and Puri vice president elect Mike · Burns’s talk show, two per capita as president Trump talked about whether there will be a conflict of interest issues. The Trump campaign has repeatedly said that if he is elected president, their children will stay in New York to take care of their own business group, but the children now also appear in the list of Trump’s "transition team" members, which makes the outside world worried that Trump became president after the decision may be influenced by their economic interests around. Currently, Trump does not intend to be entrusted to its assets entrusted by an independent broker confidentiality. Confidentiality is entrusted to the property entrusted to the full responsibility of the trustee, usually do not know the contents of the investment. Many members of the United States, public officials have chosen this way of financing, so as to avoid conflicts of interest. Puri Perth told the CNN "state of the union" program, Americans need not fear that the Trump administration will appear "money trading", the White House adviser will ensure Trump perform their duties according to law, "to ensure that the details in place", "I can assure the American people, there will not be any wrongdoing, will not let any.相关的主题文章: