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Samsung Note7 explosion why HUAWEI became a back pot man? Sohu digital [mobile china news] with the announcement of the AQSIQ and Samsung official recall announcement, questioned the sound of the explosion of the Note7 line of state quickly disappeared without a trace. Samsung expressed regret in the announcement, and once again set up to do the Chinese people like the enterprise, contribute to the Chinese society of enterprise determination. Therefore, the next Note7 recall, friends dispersed, on the back of each family, each looking for the mother? Certainly not! In this protracted "explosion door", Chinese market Note7 explosion point is a lot coming to let the crowd seems to have a feeling of watching drama. Among them, the Note7 in the initial explosion, about HUAWEI (HUAWEI conspiracy to claim that Note7 is caused by the explosion) really caused a lot of sensation, onlookers, many large V analysis to bring up the rhythm hit off, minute. Today, all versions of the Samsung Note7 line (experience and the official version of the release) all recalled, it is true that Samsung Note7 itself is a problem, it is also a HUAWEI innocence. But, have you ever thought, why Samsung Note7 line explosion is HUAWEI back pot man? Note7 explosion they all laughed, actually very simple. Generally encountered this problem, we will invariably point to the biggest beneficiaries of Samsung Note7 explosion. But the first question to be solved is who is the biggest beneficiary of the Note7 explosion? Note7 explosion will leave some vacancies in the high-end market, which is the most direct result. According to the Wall Street investment bank Drexel  Hamilton analyst Brian White point of view, apple iPhone will benefit directly, won Note7  57% to 80% sales, sales of at least an additional increase of 8 million. Secondly, the processing mode of high-end flagship Samsung explosion and treat country line users inevitably resulting in Samsung’s image loss, causing people to Samsung disappointment and dissatisfaction with the overall mood, let Samsung drive loss is comprehensive and long-term interests. Because the Note7 recall, the original Note7 users naturally differentiate into two factions, one faction is to Samsung, the other is to join the friends of arms. We can strive for is second user groups, but these people are not random. They can be on the price is not cold, but has a high requirement to the quality and brand mobile phone, must be qualified with Samsung, Note7 and brands and products. Apple and iPhone are natural choices. As for the negative effects on the full range of high-end flagship Samsung explosion caused can be said to be able to benefit the general public friends, we basically have to rain equitably. So, Apple should naturally be the biggest beneficiary of Note7 explosion. However, apple is not suitable to back Note7 explosion of the pot. After all, apple and Samsung have fallen in love with each other for many years, it is not going to start from the United States to run our headquarters in china. In addition, the majority of people still look at the attitude of the international companies?相关的主题文章: