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Samsung is checking the explosion line Note7 3 to 7 working days notice – Beijing Samsung is the verification of the state line version of Note7 explosion accident details will be issued to inform Washington in 3 to 7 working days (reporter Wen Jing) Samsung Note7 mobile phone "bombing incident continues to ferment. Yesterday, friends broke the news, friends of the country to buy Samsung Note7 mobile phone version of the explosion occurred in the use of the process. Previously, Samsung had to recall 2 million 500 thousand Note7 mobile phone in all areas except China abroad, Samsung said the state line version of the Samsung Note7 mobile phone with a different battery supplier, thus suggesting the state line version of Samsung Note7 will not happen explosion accident. At present, the mobile phone is the Samsung straight for the state line version of Jingdong has released information from users confirm, said Samsung is to contact the victim, and check for booking in batches, if there are any problems will be recalled, the specific details will be released to public in 3 to 7 working days. Yesterday morning, the netizen "Chihuahua you netizens release called" Kingdom blue explosion "in the post Note7 Post Bar, the Post said" sitting in bed playing mobile phone suddenly for no reason at the black screen, mobile phone shaking, feeling wrong immediately throw away. Sure enough, really." With a few photos of the mobile phone after the explosion. Photos show that the blue Note7 screen in the middle of the screen there are obvious signs of charred and convex, back also highlights and melting traces. Subsequently, the friends of friends Jone_yao in micro-blog post, announced more details of the phone and the explosion. The mobile phone purchased from the Jingdong in 26, the first official website, when booking, in September 1st to settle the balance, 2 days of arrival. At that time, in the absence of the normal use of the charge, found not to throw away the hot hand, by the middle of the battery explosion". He also announced the phone’s model, Samsung service card number, purchase invoices and orders in Jingdong screenshot. In this regard, Jingdong confirmed that the phone is Samsung mobile phone version. Jingdong said, Jingdong contacted the supplier for the first time. Judging from the number of IMEI on the package, the phone by the brand side Samsung (China) direct supply, at present, Samsung will retrieve the user’s phone to detect the investigation." Samsung side said that the explosion is still on the verification, the specific circumstances and verification results will be followed by feedback. Samsung said the official customer service, the company is actively contact the victim, and check in for booking batches, if confirmed the product in question would be recalled, the specific details will be announced in the notice 3 to 7 working days. Previously, Samsung has said the line version of the Note7 due to the use of a different battery supplier, which is not in the global Note7 mobile phone recall. Previously, just listed near the Note7 in mainland China reported a total of 35 other areas of the explosion, and some even lead to serious fire accidents, Samsung diagnosed as a result of battery defects. Last week, Samsung announced the recall of 1858 Note7 testing machine in China, and said the official launch of the line version of the phone does not exist security risks. Yesterday, Samsung also pushed some Note7 users.相关的主题文章: