Russia’s embassy in Syria was attacked by mortars and vowed revenge 9c8950

The Russian Embassy in Syria was a mortar attack Russia vowed revenge on Syria Russian raid extremist organizations than Western air strikes, but it will also lead to revenge the extremist organizations, but this is clearly not enough to shake the determination to fight ethnic. (map) Xinhua news agency in Moscow in October 4 Xinhua (reporter Luan Hai) 4 Russian Foreign Ministry reported that the Russian Embassy in Syria before the mortar attack, the embassy buildings were damaged, but no casualties. Russia’s foreign ministry condemned the attack, saying the attack violated international law. The Russian foreign ministry released news that the unidentified 3 from the Syrian capital Damascus to the Russian Embassy in Syria jubbal area fired 3 mortar shells, including a shell exploded near the Embassy in the apartment, the other two shells hit the area near the Russian embassy. In the shelling, the Russian embassy personnel no casualties, but the embassy building damaged. Russian Foreign Ministry said that since 2015, the Russian Embassy in Syria has been several times the Syrian opposition armed or terrorist organization shelling, resulting in Russian diplomatic injuries. The Russian Foreign Ministry condemned the attack in the briefing, said the attack in violation of international law, and that the United States and its allies to Syria extremist armed factions continue to provoke bloodshed and practices triggered the attack, Russia will work with the international community for a return to the anti-terrorism forces hit this provocation.相关的主题文章: