Russian film war of heaven for foreign language film Oscar nomination

Russian film "war of heaven" for Oscar Foreign Language Film Nominated "war paradise" stills "Hollywood reporter" Chinese station reported on September 20th (author: Vladimir Kozlov) Russia’s Oscar Committee has decided by Andre · Konchalovsky’s "war of heaven" (Paradise), to compete for the Oscar nomination for best foreign language film, this film won the Silver Lion Award in the recent Venice film festival. Russia and Germany jointly produced the "war in heaven", the story is set in the Second World War, the film tells the story of a Russian lady in French German occupied areas helps keep the Jewish children, she was the Nazi’s arrest, the lady with a French police officer named Jules, and a man named Hellmuth, the German officer, was tortured by love and vision of the heaven’s story. Incidentally, two years ago, Andre · Konchalovsky’s "postman’s night" (The Postman’s White Nights) also won the Silver Lion Award in Venice, but when he refused to let his own films competing for the best foreign film Oscar nomination, then said he did not want his film to compete for a Hollywood awards "said the importance of these awards are overstated. But this time, Andre · Konchalovsky did not go to compete against their film Oscar nomination for best foreign language film, he told the Russian state news agency TASS said in an interview: "I have been away from Oscar, okay, I accept the fate." In 1965, Andre · Konchalovsky with his debut as "teacher" (The First Teacher) the first time to attend the Venice Film Festival in 2002, he directed the "mental hospital" (House of Fools) won the jury award in Venice, then the film has also been submitted for the Russian Oscar nomination for best foreign language film only. Unfortunately, the final defeat. Russia and the former Soviet Union, the film has been nominated 15 times Oscar nomination for best foreign language film, and 4 won this award, recently received this award film is Nikita · Mikhalkov’s 1994 "poison" (Burnt by the Sun the sun), a Russian recently won the Oscar nomination for best foreign language film film is Andre · Sa Kim Saif’s 2015 "Levitan" (Leviathan). (Translation: Dudu) Tencent news client mobile phone new movie channel, global convergence, good movie information recommendation, more national Tongdui movie, Hollywood movies send non-stop around! The Hollywood Reporter works (referred to as works) of the Chinese translation rights and the Chinese version of the copyright are exclusive to the Tencent Inc. Without the authorization of the Tencent Inc, any organization, institution or individual shall be Chinese translation of the work or conduct reproduced excerpts or any other form of the use of works Chinese version offenders]相关的主题文章: