Rio Olympic boxing referee was banned from Lv Bin the umpire stole my

Rio Olympic boxing referee Lv Bin was suspended: Referee stole my dream of the Rio Olympics boxing referee was a collective ban China fighter Lv Bin in Rio suffered a controversial penalty according to "Washington Post" reported that the International Boxing Federation yesterday in Lausanne Switzerland issued a public statement, said 36 people involved in the Rio Olympic boxing match referee and referee the supervision is collective suspension. Wu Jingguo, the president of the International Boxing Association, said the Rio Olympic Games should be regarded as a watershed, and the 36 referees were to be subjected to strict censorship and investigation. Wu Jingguo said they will appear in a new gesture at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Recalling the negative news of the Rio ring, if it said which event at the Rio Olympic Games could get a negative news gold medal, it was non – boxing. In the 2012 London Olympics, the International Boxing Federation (AIBA) punished only one referee. In Rio, they had a huge criticism and opposition, ahead of the 6 referees to send home, and the suspension of the International Boxing Association as secretary general. Russell, a lightweight American heavyweight fighter, lost to a Uzbekistan boxer. His father said to the media, "we have no money to bribe the referee. My son is no longer AIBA boxing." Chinese fighter Lv Bin in the men’s 49 kg class competition, the audience in Kenya against Mugai is dominant, and the opponent was staggered, but the referee has a failure of Lv Bin. Lv Bin wrote down to micro-blog in disappointment after the end of the game: "it was the umpire that stole my dream." If just one country fighter or a state media presented to the international boxing question, then perhaps some hypocritical, but when China, the United States, Honduras, Ireland and other countries. And the stands was accused when international boxing, so international boxing should think about their own problems. The Rio Olympics appeared several controversial penalty, international boxing referee committee and moral discipline committee after the analysis of the video game, "they played their level of identity does not match the controversial score, the 6 judges out of the Rio Olympics and continue the investigation, barely subsided the question the national boxing association. The British media disclosure of Rio boxing or manipulated in Rio on the eve of the Olympic Games, the British "Guardian" is revealed in the International Boxing Association involved in corruption and financial stain rampant rumors, amateur boxing in the circle of senior figures warning, the Rio Olympic boxing match many of the game, including race, may have been identified. According to the guardian, some of the top boxers believe that a group of officials can use their power to manipulate the lottery results and review system to ensure that some specific boxers win. A senior figure said, "no doubt, some of the Rio judges and referees are gathered together to decide how to score for some specific round of matches." The senior figures said they would join the ranks of the game for a variety of reasons. At the end, at the end of each race, officials were able to communicate signals by their hands and brains to tell the judges how to judge the winner. But in some large tournaments, they changed the system instead of relying on signals. They gathered together before the game to decide the outcome of some rounds. "These will soon be done," the senior figure said, "I was shocked by some bout blatant. People do not dare to sound, they are afraid of being pushed out, and they can’t go to the Olympic Games or other tournaments. For officials, they are afraid that their country’s boxers will be attacked. " Progress to restore the reputation of the International Boxing Association survey of the Rio Olympic boxing match to the international boxing reputation great blow. To this end, the international boxing referee committee and the Technical Committee on rules on October 3-6 in Lausanne Switzerland held a meeting on the Rio Olympics summary and reflection, and the new Olympic cycle planning and deployment. The International Boxing Association chairman Wu Jingguo said that this year, the association has been in the occupation for fighters into the Olympic Games of unremitting efforts, but the international boxing is The atmosphere was foul. At the Rio Olympic Games, the referee’s dispute and punishment appeared in many boxing competitions, which caused widespread concern in the public opinion. The Association announced that 36 Rio Olympic referees were banned. The announcement said: "Rio Olympic Games, there are some international boxing officials caused dissatisfaction with the outside world. Now 36 referees are temporarily suspended, and they will be investigated by the special commission of inquiry. Before the end of the investigation, they will not act again in any event. " Wu Jingguo also said that the Rio Olympics will be a watershed in the International Boxing Association, the International Boxing Association will organize professional members of the Rio Olympic boxing penalty work review, identify the problems will be punished. The International Boxing Association said the results of the investigation before they would not comment on the issue of judgment. AIBA future will further reform, such as the current 5 referee draw 3 judges scoring as the final scoring system, became the 5 referee scoring system. In addition, before the 3 committee members to decide which draw judges served as a field of law enforcement, and the future of the referee will draw by the supplier of a program, the Swiss chronograph to randomly decided, in order to improve transparency.

里约奥运拳击裁判遭禁赛 吕斌:是裁判偷走了我的梦想 里约奥运会拳击裁判遭集体禁赛   中国拳手吕斌在里约曾遭遇争议判罚   据《华盛顿邮报》报道,国际拳击联合会前天在瑞士洛桑发表公开声明,称36名参与里约奥运会拳击比赛执法的裁判和裁判监督均被集体停职。国际拳击总会主席吴经国称,里约奥运会要被当做是一个分水岭,这36名裁判要接受严格的审查和调查。吴经国表示,他们将以一个全新的姿态,出现在2020年东京奥运会上。   回顾 负面消息不断的里约拳台   如果说里约奥运会上哪个项目能得到负面消息金牌的话,那非拳击莫属。2012年伦敦奥运会,国际拳击联合会(AIBA)只处罚了一名裁判。而在里约,他们不得不在巨大的批评和反对声浪中,提前送了6名裁判回家,并且暂停了国际拳联秘书长的职务。   美国的轻重量级拳手罗素在输给一位乌兹别克斯坦拳手后,他的父亲对媒体愤怒地说:“我们没有钱去贿赂裁判。我儿子再也不会为AIBA打拳了。”中国拳手吕斌在男子49公斤级比赛中,在迎战肯尼亚的姆盖时全场占优,并将对手打得趔趄,但主裁判却判罚吕斌失败。吕斌比赛结束后失望地在微博写下:“是裁判偷走了我的梦想”。   如果只是一个国家的拳手或者一个国家的媒体对国际拳联提出质疑的话,那么也许他们有些矫情,但是当中国、美国、洪都拉斯、爱尔兰等国拳手和着看台上的嘘声指责国际拳联的时候,那么国际拳联就应该想想自己的问题了。   里约奥运会出现的几场有争议的判罚,国际拳联裁判委员会和道德纪律委员会经过对比赛录像进行分析后,以“他们打出了与其级别身份不相符的有争议比分”,而将6名裁判开除出里约奥运会并继续进行调查,勉强平息了各参赛国家拳击协会的质疑。   揭秘 英媒披露里约拳击赛场或被操控   在里约奥运会前夕,英国《卫报》就揭露,在国际拳联卷入贪污和财政污点的传闻甚嚣尘上时,业余拳击圈中的高层人物警告,里约奥运拳击比赛中的很多比赛进程,包括比赛名次,可能已被确定。   《卫报》表示,已经有部分拳击界高官相信,有一伙官员能够利用他们的权力操纵抽签结果和评审系统,以确保一些特定的拳击手胜出。   一个高层人物说,“毋庸置疑,里约的一些评审员和裁判员会聚在一起,来决定如何为一些特定的比赛回合评分。”该高层人物表示,他们会因为各种各样的原因加入操弄比赛评分的行列。起初,在每一轮比赛结束时,官员依靠手部和头脑来传达信号,告知评审员如何评出胜负。但是在一些大型锦标赛上,他们改变了这个系统,不再依靠信号,而是在比赛前聚在一起,来决定某些比赛回合的结果。   “这些很快就能完成”,该高层人物说,“有一些回合做得太明目张胆了,让我感到震惊。人们不敢发声,他们害怕会被排挤,不能去奥运会或其他锦标赛。对于官员,他们怕自己国家的拳击手会受到攻击。”   进展 国际拳联为挽回声誉进行调查   里约奥运会的拳击比赛,给了国际拳联声誉极大的打击。为此,国际拳联裁判委员会和技术规则委员会于10月3-6日在瑞士洛桑召开了会议,就里约奥运会进行总结和反思,以及对新奥运周期的计划和部署。   国际拳击总会主席吴经国表示,这两年,协会一直在为让职业拳手进入奥运赛场不懈努力,但国际拳联内部却乌烟瘴气。里约奥运会上,多场拳击比赛出现裁判的争议判罚,引起舆论的广泛关注。   该协会发表公告称,36名里约奥运会裁判集体被禁赛。公告说:“里约奥运会期间,的确有一些国际拳联的官员引起了外界的不满。现在36名裁判均暂时被禁赛,他们将接受特别调查委员会的调查。在结束调查前,他们将不会再担任任何赛事的执法工作。”   吴经国还表示,里约奥运会将是国际拳联的一个分水岭,国际拳联将组织专业的委员对里约奥运会的拳击比赛判罚工作进行审查,查出问题的将严惩不贷。国际拳联称,在调查结果出来之前他们将不会对裁判问题再发表任何评论。   国际拳联未来会进一步进行改革,比如将现行的5裁判抽签3名裁判打分作为最后打分的体制,变成5裁判打分体制。此外,以前是3名财委会委员抽签决定哪名裁判担任一场的执法,而未来的裁判执法抽签将由供应商瑞士计时公司的一个程序来随机抽签决出,以提高透明度。相关的主题文章: