Remember parents’ birthday is included in the code of conduct for primary and secondary school stude borderland

Remember that the parents’ birthday included in the primary and secondary school students’ behavior norms for many 70 after 80, the "code of primary school students" and "primary school students daily behavior norms" are carrying a childhood full of memories. They are often put together at the blackboard in the classroom. If you’re a troublemaker, you might be more familiar with them – many of you have a bad experience. Yesterday, the money newspaper reporter get the latest news: the Education Department of Zhejiang Province, according to the Ministry of Education issued the 2015 edition of "primary code", proposed a "daily behavior of primary and middle school students in Zhejiang province specification (Draft)" primary school and middle school, the province is the middle school teachers, students, parents and enthusiastic people solicit opinions. Yesterday, the Zhejiang Provincial Education Department of Basic Education Department official told reporters that the Ministry of education is relatively general rules, no regional differences, nor do distinguish between years, which in the end is what age students are not clear. This code should be implemented on the local implementation, there should be more specific rules, that is, the corresponding norms of daily behavior of primary and secondary school students. In Zhejiang, it is necessary to have the atmosphere of the times, but also the characteristics of Zhejiang. So, before the Provincial Education Department experts refer to the version of the school rules, as well as Anglo American and other foreign pupils code, to draw up the Zhejiang version of "students daily behavior specification (Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Zhejiang" version of the draft). The Ministry of education, code of primary and secondary school students (2015 Revision) refinement, the practice of student behavior norms to develop fine education, drop small, implement. "Code of primary school students", "code of middle school students" and "primary school students daily behavior norms", "middle school students daily behavior norms" were released in 1981, in 1991, in 1994. In 2004, the Ministry of education merged the code into the code of primary and secondary school students, and adjusted the contents of the code. In 2015, the Ministry of Education released the latest version of "primary code" (revised in 2015), and be made one behavior. The control of Ministry of education, 2004 edition of "primary day-to-day behavior" (20), "middle school students daily behavior norms" (40), "Zhejiang edition" draft most obvious feature is the "middle school students daily behavior norms" is divided into junior middle school One divides into two., (20) and high school (18 Edition), more targeted, embodies the characteristics of the times, the characteristics of Zhejiang, exquisite and practical, the content is greater than the form. Compared to twelve years ago, the behavior of primary and secondary school students, the newly developed version of Zhejiang increased a lot of content. Primary school, junior high school, high school version at the same time the new content of low carbon life, pay attention to save water and electricity. Wash hands promptly turn off the tap; leave the classroom, turn off lights fan. Garbage classification. Remember your parents’ birthdays and take the initiative to express gratitude. Not picky, on-demand feeding, the CD action. On the health Web site, control the Internet time, not addicted to online games. If you are in danger, ask for help. New version of the new content to know the state pass相关的主题文章: