Rejoice Joker co starred in finding the true goddess, the history of the most fun live detonated the footman

Rejoice Joker co starred in finding the true goddess, the history of the most fun live detonated the whole network in late November 8th 22 Joker bring friends Zhu Zhen Changsha a mysterious raid KTV for rejoice real goddess, in the process of teacher show the hand piece character, jokes constantly. A live broadcast, Tmall dual platform broadcast live, the peak of nearly 1 million people watching online, a total of more than 16 million people watching, Joker effect continuous fermentation.   22 PM, Joker and friend Zhu Zhen KTV appeared on time, brings a shock and surprise experience to sing the people who eat melon. A private room in the Joker show funny force character, walking routes close to the people, and we share a birthday cake, send out and kill head hand feed and other benefits, more frequent vocals, seems to be KTV into their own concert. Finally, the three goddesses, a successful candidate in the history of the most severe hair through the test, the promotion Joker really goddess, has been more and Joker choral scene the opportunity to end the audience chorus Joker sung high degree of "ugly eight strange", the site attracted a boiling. As the atmosphere of play, Joker also play a full force funny character, positive interaction with friends, work together to rejoice to watch live fans to send a wonderful gift, causing fans wave peak point praise.   behind the raid, in fact, is the new Joker and rejoice at the same time as a gift from the consumers. Rejoice has been advocated to keep hair refreshing soft is the real goddess concept, I also got Joker great recognition, both hope this idea common to the consumer output, so that they have to start doing it from the goddess shunfa. The combination of this work is the goddess, rejoice from passers-by unchanged "theme, Joker find the true goddess on behalf of this group of people, they even after a day of work, still keep hair refreshing and supple, they enjoy life after work to live. As the world’s leading designer brand, rejoice has been committed to providing consumers for female supple hair refreshing experience, the new upgrade of the essence of nursing articles for series debut, not only the introduction of the new upgrade appearance, also in full force formula, introducing upgrade mousse grade dense foam, hair muscle bottom liquid essence, at the same time in the run to bring "SHUNFA" snow melting technology, in a global selection of olive, ginseng, mint and other natural quality conditioner components is introduced, to provide consumers with the ultimate experience fresh and supple.   and to Joker really like a goddess of all-weather Yan value online, the first to experience the essence of care series quickly upgraded to rejoice, your work is the goddess, but also to work the same passers-by.相关的主题文章: