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Automobiles Range Rover Vogue SE : The Name Of Capability And Sophistication Capability and luxuriousness are hardly matched in the cars. But the Range rover is The Vehicle where the luxuriousness and the high performance blends each other without any doubt. The new Range Rover is more sophisticated than ever. Every bit of innovation is considered to give more luxurious journey and the engine performance is just unbeatable to its class. In this article you will learn the level of sophistication and powerful performance of the Range Rover Vogue SE. Yes, it is a high cash out car, but its every part carries its worthiness of every penny without any doubt. its extraordinary power generator is 4.4 litter with a V8 valve train system. there are all aspect of diesel engine tech throughout the Range Rover Vogue SE. The most intelligent and efficient diesel technology is turbocharger diesel engines. The Range rover Vogue SE has best turbo charger ever. it has got a parallel sequential turbocharging system under its bonnet. the dynamic grunt of engine is smoothly maintained by it eight speed gear box. Yes it is eight speed gear box with an automatic transmission system. this gearbox is super performer with its paddle shift drive select system. The high amount of grunt is made by squeezing every drop of diesel in its fuel tanker. the most fuel economy and the kindness to the ecosystem is ensured by its high performer transmission system. The black foot print of carbon dioxide is least with its every drop of diesel .bustion. in numbers it is 253 gram per kilometer. The Range Rover Vogue SE has extra ordinary millage per gallon of diesel for both urban drive and high way drive. its easy to drive more than 24 mile with single gallon of filling in the town and for the high way its even be.es more that 34 mile. An average Range Rover Vogue SE fuel economy be.es more than 31 mile per gallon. This car cares a lot about agility of its own. zero to hundred kilometer per hour acceleration is possible as fast as in seven seconds. Range Rover Vogue SE has really time .fy interior for both eyes and the bumps. you can feel the attractiveness of the interior with its superb clean dashboard and the whole spaciousness on board. Seats are quiet enough to give a homely journey all the way. The cutting edge entertainment technology is available on Range Rover Vogue SE. With a thin film translator LCD. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: