Pu Jinhui will be friends behind the scenes to broadcast a televised speech (video) ca1835

Pu Jinhui will publish friends behind the dry television Park Geun hye will "back seat"? Pu Jinhui nominated for the new prime minister the opposition does not buy it park on the evening of November 3rd, South Korea’s presidential Chong Wa Dae news, South Korean President Park Geun hye will on the morning of 4 published televised speech, just recently shaking South Korea’s friend Cui Shunshi "behind the intervention" incident once again express the position. According to the analysis, Pu Jinhui will apologize again, and will stand if you need to accept the prosecution investigation, as soon as possible so that the chaos of the political back to normal. (CCTV reporter Tang Xin Zhou Yang) reported earlier: South Korea "bestie intervention" party Cui Shunshi was formally arrested on October 31st at 23:57 pm local time, South Korean prosecutors arrested under investigation "trusted intervention" incident involving character Cui Shunshi, and plans to transfer to the Seoul detention center. Source: China news network, November, 3, according to South Korean media reports, local time on the evening of 3, the South Korean court issued an arrest warrant to arrest the crime of abuse of power, the door of the party Cui Shunshi. 2 was arrested before the policy adjustment of the Chong Wa Dae, the Chief Secretary An Zhongfan accused of complicity. According to South Korean media reported earlier, in November 2nd, South Korean prosecutors to interfere with the exercise of rights, breach of privilege (accomplice) "and" attempted fraud "two suspects to the Korean court for a formal arrest warrant, arrest the core parties, a confidant of Pu Jinhui Cui Shunshi. In addition, South Korean prosecutors on the 2 day of the core staff involved: the Chong Wa Dae in front of the presidential palace policy chief secretary An Zhongfan to implement emergency arrest. South Korean prosecutors said the charges were mainly Ann Jong denied, and being summoned before the instigation of key witness perjury. For the suspect to prevent the destruction of evidence, prosecutors decided to arrest An Zhongfan. Under the "trusted intervention" incident pressure, Pu Jinhui October 30th has an urgent restructuring of the presidential palace, An Zhongfan accepted the 8 core staff resignation. South Korean prosecutors also on a number of current and former aides Park home and offices were raided. View original "bestie" politics Park storm timeline: October 24th JTBC TV released blockbuster news, said South Korean President Park Geun hye is controlled, and the operator is Cui Shunshi. In October 25th published "to the National Park" in Chong Wa Dae, had to close a Shunshi Cui revealing state secrets to the Chinese people. Late on the night of October 28th South Korean President Park Geun hye, Chief Secretary of the Chong Wa Dae, indicating the collective resignation. In November 2nd, South Korean prosecutors arrested former chief secretary An Zhongfan park. Park Geun hye announced the cabinet reshuffle, the nomination of the late former president Roh Moo-hyun’s chief of staff Bingzhun Kim as prime minister. On the evening of November 3rd, the Korean court issued an arrest warrant, the official arrest of the crime of abuse of power has been detained in the dry door party Cui Shunshi. May November 4th Park Geun hye released "national conversation" again "do apologize to national political cronies", will also show that when necessary to accept the prosecution investigation position.相关的主题文章: