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News-and-Society auto factories, electronics and oil refineries closed down in many parts of Japan on Friday after a powerful earthquake that rocked the country, and raised a tsunami (tsunami) to block the roads and cut power to millions of homes and businesses. And closed many airports, including Narita Airport in Tokyo, and stopped rail services. And all ports are closed. The agency said Japan’s Kyodo news agency that Sony giant electronic devices one of the largest exporters in the country, closed six factories, as I headed military aircraft towards the most affected areas on the northeastern coast to assess the size of the losses caused by the quake, which measured 8.9 on the of the fiercest in the history of Japan since 140 years. The Bank of Japan (BOJ), which is struggling to boost the economy is surrounded by problems that he would do everything possible to ensure the stability of financial markets with a lower yen and Japanese stocks. Said Yasuo Yamamoto, senior economist at Mizuho Research Institute "There are factories for cars and semiconductors in northern Japan, so there will be some economic impacts because of the damage caused to these factories." The Toyota Motor Corporation it had halted production at the factory for auto parts manufacturers and assembly in the region and state media said The Nissan’s second-largest car .pany in the country had suspended work in four factories. The yen fell 0.3 percent against the dollar, before recovering its losses in futures fell on the Nikkei average about five percent at some time during the day. The .pany said Hokuriku Alkertek today that all three reactors at the station Aonajawa of nuclear energy, its Ogfatt penguin mechanism after the quake but there were no reports of leakage of nuclear. According to the Jiji Press news agency that the .pany generating electric power (J.. Bauer) ceased operations in thermo-electric power station in the district of Yokohama. Japanese television said that a large fire broke out at the Chiba refinery of Cosmo Oil .pany in the east of Tokyo. According to Jiji Press that the .pany Nippon Oil, the largest refining .pany in Japan has suspended its operations in the three refineries. Q c – l r (Guets) Shipping agents said that all Japanese ports were closed and unloading operations stopped after the earthquake that struck the country and the tsunami (tsunami) that followed. The earthquake, measuring 8.9 on the and of the fiercest in the history of Japan since 140 years north east of the country and sparked a tsunami ten meters high swept everything in its path, including houses, cars and the farms. The Shipping Broker "It’s a big mess. Discharge stopped all operations in the region." He said another broker in Tokyo, said the television footage showed a large ship and at least one carrying 80 thousand tons of coal, iron ore and grain parked in northern Japan because of the tsunami. "Most or all of the coal stocks will be destroyed in a lot of electrical power plants run on coal. "Will close all ports, at least for a short period in order to assess the size of the losses." It is expected brokers high freight rates in the short term with the pursuit of power plants, Japanese to re-stocks of coal and steel .panies to import more iron ore in the process of reconstruction On the other hand canceled all games scheduled for early next week in the first division of the Japanese football after a powerful earthquake hit north of Tokyo, followed by a tsunami and killed many on Friday. The J-League season started this week and was scheduled to be played 19 games at the beginning of next week, but the Premier League said in a brief statement that it was postponed games as well as the second division after the earthquake hit north-east coast. This is the strongest earthquake shakes Japan in 140 years. It is also due to four teams locked Japanese games in the AFC Champions League on Tuesday and Wednesday About the Author: 相关的主题文章: