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The PLA Political Work System Reform – Sohu news   reform of the PLA Political Work System Reform PLA Political Work system, mainly reflected in two aspects, one is the General Political Department of the functions; two is to continue to further promote the anti-corruption reporter Xi Zhigang in October 10th, "jiefangjun Bao" titled "behind" disarmament 300 thousand article disclosure, military and civilian personnel management functions have been centralized military political department. This is the first time that the Chinese military publicly disclose the functions of the reform of the political sector. Military analysts believe that this means that with the military reform is to advance, the PLA new political organization system gradually formed. The level of change in the current round of military reform before the Liberation Army, a general political department at the headquarters level, which is the highest organ of political work, responsible for the organization of personnel, publicity, law, discipline inspection work. Military reform, Military Commission 15 departments: General Office of the Central Military Commission, the military Joint Chiefs of staff, military and Political Work Department, military logistics department, military equipment development, military training management department and the central military defense mobilization department, military discipline, military committee, military science and Technology Commission, strategic planning office, military reform and the preparation of CMC the office of the Central Military Commission International Military Cooperation Office, the Audit Commission and the CMC management authority administration. People set up a familiar army and department told the "China news weekly", in accordance with the requirements of the top military reform scheme, multi sectoral military system administrative framework, divided into three levels of Zhengda military grade, deputy military level and level. From sorting, the first level is the original "four home" after breaking up into the military Joint Chiefs of staff, military and Political Work Department, military logistics department and military equipment development of this new Department "". However, as the main headquarters after the dismantling of the inheritance of four "," new "status has undergone significant changes, especially the administrative department. The General Political Department of the original military level drawdown for the CMC Political Work Department, authority to draw its original contract, discipline inspection and administrative functions, respectively a single set of military discipline, Military Commission of politics and Law Committee, are directly under the Military Commission, in parallel with the political department. Before the Liberation Army military reform, seven military, land, sea and air, the Second Artillery Corps (now the Rockets in the four Army Corps) in addition to the General Political Department of the general staff, general assembly, three headquarters, National Defense University, Academy of Military Sciences, National University of Defense Technology and other three major military and armed forces and other military units, the establishment of a unified political department of. Responsible for the army troops and Armed Police Corps, the political department level for the Deputy military level, while the three headquarters, three military political department at a positive level. After the military reform, unified political pattern is divided into three parts, divided into political work, political work, bureau of lands group three system. According to the "Newsweek" Chinese changed after combing, the army units and theater design and Political Work Department, but the way is not unified. The Navy and the air force, the armed police and army, the newly formed adjustment rocket forces and strategic support troops such as the six power, a political work department, the level is still the Deputy military region, a full-time director of political department. In contrast, extending down, the military division, fleet and army, armed police.相关的主题文章: