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Ping an endowment Li Lianren: the next 5 years, about $you billion of occupational pension We want! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! Li Lianren Ping An Annuity: the next 5 years occupation annuity market about 100 billion Securities Times reporter Pan Yurong Pei Chenxi in October 12th, the Ministry of human resources and the Ministry of Finance jointly issued the "Interim Measures for occupation pension fund management". According to estimates, the national annual pension contribution is expected to be about 150 billion yuan. The day before, Ping an annuity insurance annuity Limited by Share Ltd director Li Lianren in an interview with the Securities Times reporter said, "the occupation pension to maximize long-term profits, must have a certain proportion of long-term funds into the stock market, long-term investment income to invest in the stock market can enhance the occupation pension. However, occupational pension on the strict control of volatility, which also determines the proportion of the stock market will not be too large." According to Li Lianren estimates, the next five years to invest in the stock market occupational pension scale of about $100 billion, the size of the impact on the stock market is not obvious. Securities Times reporter: the initial size of the occupational pension fund and is expected to grow every year? Li Lianren: at present, the state organs and institutions of staff about 40 million, occupational pension unit payment of 8%, individual contributions of $4%. According to the level of wages and salaries of organs and institutions, the national annual pension contribution is expected to be around 150 billion yuan. According to the 150 billion annual estimates of new payment yuan, plus stock and natural growth, after 5 years of occupation pension scale is likely to be more than 1 trillion yuan, the growth rate will be significantly faster than the growth rate of enterprise annuity. Securities Times reporter: occupational pension and annuity management style is very similar. Compared with the occupational pension, how will the occupational pension investment be? Li Lianren: corporate pension and occupational pensions are employees of pensions, to focus on safety as the bottom line, and the pursuit of more than the market level of investment income. Since 2007, the average annual income of more than 8% of the enterprise annuity, since 2012, the average annual earnings are positive. From the perspective of asset allocation, fixed income accounted for the absolute proportion, regulations limit (the other 95% can bond repurchase 40%), estimated in general more than 80%; the proportion of equity did not reach the 30% ceiling; the remaining currency class configuration, regulations of not less than 5%, generally 10%. Securities Times reporter: stock market for the importance of occupational pension and occupational pension? Li Lianren: occupational pension to achieve long-term income maximization, must have a certain proportion of funds into the stock market. Investment in the stock market, there will inevitably be some short-term fluctuations in income, but the appropriate volatility is not necessarily harmful, because the risk is proportional to income and the relationship. Take Hongkong MPF example, Hongkong MPF funds of six kinds of components, which has the highest risk of stock funds, the fund in 2015 earnings of -16.8%, six kinds of components in the countdown to the first; over the past three years the average income of 2.1%.相关的主题文章: