Personality in South Sichuan folk nine bowl ” Mapo Tofu halogen, Huo Ma ” – Sohu and Fried E

Personality in South Sichuan folk nine bowl " Mapo Tofu halogen, Huo Ma Fried Eggs… " – Sohu and nine bowls, originally refers to a form of folk feast, but in Sichuan, Ya’an, there is a restaurant which is directly used as the name, this shop is "Yao nine bowl". Yao Jijiu opened the bowl has more than and 10 years of history, because of its dining environment and dishes with Xiang customs taste, so the store has become a delicacy in Ya’an, attracting the name card, the local people and foreign tourists. This is indeed a personality of the restaurant, the day we came into the courtyard, is the environment infection — the shop is in Sichuan Rural Courtyard pattern built, gray brick tiles, a richly ornamented building, red lanterns hanging high, the whole building from the front yard, back yard, etc. the other hospital, hospital and rooms with the main points, filled with square table (or old-fashioned table), and the old furnishings from folk to purchase. In the front yard of the carved wooden doors on both sides, not only the number of stars hanging in the restaurant photos, also hung out a quite interesting couplet: Although the antithetical couplet, brand-name products; second line: there is a country flavor. Horizontal namely "nine big bowl" three words. It can be said that this couplet has described the characteristics of the store clearly. In addition, the store also specially built in the courtyard to see some in the last century before 90s the mud wall cottage, and every guest, the store will always play with some rustic old songs with the old tweeter, people do not generally feel. According to the "Chef nine bowl" of the introduction, the store is mostly in the local folk dishes mining, like Ma, Ma Huo Fried Eggs induced Hu Dou, hoof, tofu and other halogen wax rural native dishes, it do not have the charm. Ma Po stewed tofu in Ya’an folk, people make tofu dishes in the way some special – like the first halogen and then burn. This dish is the first tofu cut into 3 cm square block, wait to put chili Festival and spicy pepper spiced brine brine to the pot after tasty, and then pulled out a bowl, pour Chili oil, pepper oil and also sprinkle some pepper and onion, serve. The soybean bowel pups with water bubbles up into the pressure cooker and soybeans, salt, lard and the right amount of water, to be lit to soft when cooked out. Net pot heat vegetable oil, stir until the first piece of rabbit under cooked, add bean paste, pepper and continue to stir fry soybeans at the end, when mixed with the right amount of water and salt, MSG and green peppers Festival after burning tasty, qiguozhuangpan mold. Ma induced Hu Dou millet pepper Festival, at the end of the day, ageratum leek pepper powder, salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper oil, sesame oil and other nano bowl, add boiling water transfer amount of hemp flavor juice. When the other real estate green dry strictosidine into the wok, a small fire slowly fried until cooked hot pot, transferred into a good sauce bowl, dip to serve tasty. Note: if you want to reach Hudou soft cooked taste, flavor juice by boiling water modulation; if you want to have a crisp taste of the sauce is to use cold water. This is a unique feature of the nine big bowls of the village, which has the characteristics of strong waxy flavor and waxy taste. It is a pig farm wax hock as raw material, the salted, smoked wax miscellaneous purchase相关的主题文章: