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Papi, MI Meng, Luo fat, where the content of entrepreneurial opportunities where – Sohu science and technology, the content of the year app died, the contents of eternal life! In 2016, the business circle style mutation, Java and PHP who debate yesterday is still better, techniques are still dreaming of becoming a second Jobs world changing products, the flicker of dogs also swept the traditional industries with O2O small bosses, have invested in overnight culture and entertainment content business force. People either suddenly follow the song? When the entertainment, playing on the girls had ha went into the studio, or picked up the pen, the body buried in public: "now we do content, cultural thing is more suitable for me." This situation is not accidental, the demographic dividend fade, the flow of the surge in the cost of today, those who can get a huge bonus track (traffic tools, platforms, social networks have already been locked giant). "Circulation" link business no chance, we have to set their sights on production processes — content, good content will eventually override these platforms and social networks, a new flow bonus ". Because your content is good, the flow naturally came, a Luo fat Papi sauce brought traffic, has been able to top the vast majority of the market on the app bar. The rate of conversion brought about by a microphone, I am afraid that most of the network platform spike it. Where to go, to go to the game or to the electricity supplier? No, they all go to WeChat and other content platforms to consume content…… So, everyone is a product manager, become everyone is the creator. At the same time, WeChat, micro-blog, today’s headlines, little information and Himalaya Iqiyi were composed of two micro end multimedia "have been sharpening, ready to battle! Even the pig, cheetah, UC and the content of these look eight pole could not beat the game player who is also a cross join. With the content of the platform have invested heavily in launch incubator support program, the content of entrepreneurs, just as the shining eyes to see the first Cheng Ling Feng through public number windfall, Luo fat first through the WeChat business achievement myth, smug confidence, as if this wave of bonus really concerned with oneself like a dream — always there, if I was a microphone Mongolia a Luo fat? At this time the new embarrassment appeared again. Recalling the 2016, the content of many entrepreneurs, but the homogenization of competition is too serious, really have the potential to IP that several big coffee. A lot of content platform, but the homogenization of competition is too serious, so the key results several large coffee but not enough points. Two, the embarrassment of the content platform what is the flow of dividends? Flow bonus is that can be very cheap to get the size of the conversion and realization. Where is the flow of dividends, capital sought after where to buy low, sell high, cost advantage, N times return is their urine. But the question is, when various platforms have to content, entrepreneurs have joined the content,!相关的主题文章: