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UnCategorized Oriental rugs date back many, many years but still have a place in the decor of today. Oriental rugs are the gold standard of rugs and no two rugs are the same, even if they are from the same producer. Oriental rugs are among the most popular choices to accent hardwood floors and are most often handmade rather than mass produced, making them extremely durable and long lasting through the years. Oriental rugs are generally made of natural fibers and natural dyes. They are steeped in history and can add a final touch of elegance to your decor. Oriental Rugs are the most important element in any room and although they are found most often in dining rooms and living rooms, they are also a popular choice as runners for high traffic areas such as foyers, and even for bedrooms. Nowadays oriental rugs are made with the modern home in mind so you can easily find a rug with the style and colors that match your room. Many people who are looking to buy an oriental rug are interested in the quality of the rug they are about to purchase. Quality is a key consideration and hand made rugs are considered more durable as each strand has been tied individually for greater strength. Quality can vary widely, because rug making is an individualized craft. Handmade, hand-knotted rugs are superior in quality to those made by machine because a rug is more durable when each knot has been individually tightened. Most Oriental rug manufacturers require that their product be placed on top of a quality rug pad in order to validate their warranty against defects in workmanship. When an oriental rug is first purchased it will usually be rolled up and carefully stored in plastic which keeps the rug from being destroyed. With proper care, a quality Oriental rug has a life-span of up to 200 years or more. While there are many opinions and theories concerning the care of Oriental rugs, if you follow simple, common sense rules, your Oriental and other area rugs will look great and last a very long time. You can beautify your home with oriental rugs if you give some careful thought to the colors and designs that will work best with your style preferences. The elegance and craftiness of the oriental rug makes it worth the hundreds or even thousands of dollars you may spend on one. However, if cared for properly, you may own the same piece for a lifetime and even hand it down from generation to generation. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: