One of the most interesting books about the hat – Sohu

One of the most interesting books about the hat – the mother of the Sohu – this is the most interesting book I’ve ever seen on a hat. In this full of delight in the story, a small rabbit had a red underpants, a series of humorous plot begins. The little rabbit didn’t know what to do with the red thing, so he tried to put it on his head. Then, the little rabbit met 8 different animal, until the donkey emerged — tell the rabbit said it was underpants! The little rabbit to wear underpants on the body, but found no place to put the tail. Ring lining can be seen in a variety of animals in a fun way to wear human clothing. It can be seen from the picture that the story takes place in asia. The painting is separated from the frame and the frame by the black line. This book can stimulate children’s creative thinking and solving problems, the small details in the painting is also very suitable for parent-child reading. It is interesting to read the book together with the children! See the underpants, children giggling. Small animals in accordance with their own ideas, "wear", everyone is different, the children are very happy to indulge in such a big hole in the story. A letter from a reader suggested that the owner of a local bookstore (Dennington bookstore) recommended the book for a group of children who were just learning to read at the age of 3-5. You know, children of this age especially like that kind of interesting book. The shopkeeper told me that they were all laughing after the book arrived! Because this is a story: a few months ago, the owner of the store is busy suddenly after, his wife and assistant over his mouth, smiling ran beside him. He was very curious to what happened — a young girl head was not too clear on wearing a black underwear shop in bikinis walking to see the shop come swaggeringly. After I bought the book, I read the book many times in order to decide how to read it to the children. The interesting thing is that every time I read it again, I find it more interesting. When I read to the children, the beginning of a little boy said: "ha ha, this is not a hat, underwear!". The other children did not let him continue to say: "peace! Down listen!" The whole reading process is full of laughter. At the end of the story, they found that this hat is really a pair of underwear, they all laughed utterly routed. As a matter of fact, I’m just a volunteer to read stories to children. After reading the story, the school’s dean asked me not to borrow this book. By the way, I told the little story the shopkeeper told me, and the assistant teacher next to me laughed and said, "that’s Luo Najia’s girl!" The assistant teacher’s husband is in charge of a mental hospital in the town, so she knows the girl who is wearing the wrong hat. I grew up in China, the Second World War and the early communist revolution in china. So, for me, the book shows the Chinese style is particularly interesting and attractive. In addition, I think the book is the best place you used throughout the "Oh no! This is not right!" And not "Oh no! You are wrong!". I am very rare 1相关的主题文章: