Old gun son he provoked him round, he can not circle his father circle-cashmere mafia

"Old gun": he round him, he can’t round his father: he made six stills round Ye things he round. He’s round his daddy. Guan Hu "old gun son", 2015 lines control the 373rd period, this line from the old gun son. Six Ye (Feng Xiaogang ornaments) is indigenous to Beijing Hutong, is a prominent young punks, aggressive; to the new century, he is old, wandering in the alley every day by a canteen for students. Six Ye have to face, love Chengneng, loyalty, is very popular. Only his son Xiao Bo (Li Yifeng ornaments) can not stand his tyranny, ran away from home. Xiao Bo rowed boats two generation Officer (Wu Yifan) the car by a group of little bastard. Six ye went to save, saw his son, kicked his foot. Six Ye know his son did wrong, promised to lose money ransom. So the two generation officer said this domineering side leakage lines. Six God is a stills abandoned by age. He can’t understand the world, those "rules" he believes is useless, but he still has to struggle, confrontation with the entire world. "Old gun" is a topic of the 2015 film, after the release of a huge response. Feng Xiaogang because the film won the Golden Horse Award winner. Stills相关的主题文章: