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Not to farm gold and silver bulls have surrendered down at the beginning of or buying opportunity? Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! FX168 financial newspaper (Hongkong) – gold bulls this week is ill fated. The overall performance of strong U.S. economic data and several Fed officials once again issued a hawkish speech, leading to the Fed rate hike is expected to rise sharply this year. Thursday (October 6th) announced the initial jobless claims in the United States unexpectedly fell to 43 year low near the non farm payrolls report on Friday brought a ray of light. Boosted by the dollar index climbed to a two month high of 96.56, spot gold extended earlier this week decline, fell more than 1% and fell below $1260 an ounce mark, a $1250 ounce mark in jeopardy; spot silver fell to $17 An ounce mark, decline to expand to more than 3.5%. Some market participants pointed out that although the short-term downward pressure still exist, but the decline over there or bargain buying opportunity. U.S. Department of labor data show that the United States last week, the number of jobless claims fell unexpectedly to a low of 43 years, indicating that the strong performance of the job market, which may support the Fed’s interest rate hike this year is expected. Specific data show that as of October 1st, when the United States early this week, the number of unemployed people to reduce the number of 5000 to 249 thousand. Economists polled by Reuters expect data to rise to 257 thousand in the latest week. Initial data hit the lowest level since April, when the first data hit the lowest level since last November. So far, the first 83 weeks of the number of people at the bottom of the 300 thousand mark, indicating that the job market continues to recover. The data also show that the United States in September 24th when the week continued jobless 2 million 58 thousand, the lowest level since December, is expected to 2 million 81 thousand, before the correction value of 2 million 62 thousand to 2 million 64 thousand; the United States until October 1st when the week jobless claims around the mean of 253 thousand and 500 people, is expected to be 256 thousand, the former value of 256 thousand. Reuters said that the U.S. jobless claims unexpectedly recorded 43 years lows, and is the eighty-third consecutive week at an important juncture of 300 thousand people, the data show that the job market is stable, may support the Fed rate hike this year; employment growth situation is slow, but the job market still absorbed many new occupation. Peng Bo believes that this also indicates that the monthly labor report will be released in will show the lowest level of unemployment in September. "This is really very good," New York 4Cast senior economist David Sloan said, "this means that the employment trend will continue to a good momentum of development, more important, which is consistent with the Fed’s December interest rate increase." Overnight, the United States announced the non farm payrolls report two forward-looking indicators: the United States ADP employment report, as well as the United States ISM service sector employment index. The two data showed uneven in quality. American Institute of Supply Management (ISM)相关的主题文章: