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Ningbo public housing to home-based 60% of respondents believe that the high prices in the twenty-first session of Ningbo international Chinese residential products Expo (Series), Ningbo National Bureau of investigation team randomly selected 100 questionnaires. The survey results show that home-based demand is the main consumption, the public purchase plan affected the surrounding city price regulation, short term stability is expected to increase, is still in the long-term bullish, years purchase enthusiasm weakened. The improvement of housing conditions is the main demand of the 100 respondents, 78 people have the intention to purchase within two years, 64.1% of the respondents is to improve housing conditions, than in April of this year’s survey (Twentieth exhibitions) dropped 0.3 percentage points, compared with the last survey in October (the twentieth Series) higher than 8.8 percentage points; 14.1% of the respondents purchase for investment purposes, 2 percentage points lower than in April this year, 4.9 percentage points higher than the last survey in October; 5.1% of the respondents for their children purchase, buy school district room, and another 16.7% of respondents are first-time buyers. Central city housing is the preferred center of the city (including the central area of Yinzhou) convenient transportation facilities, the housing has been favored by the public in the region. The results of the survey show that the purchase intentions of the respondents, 97.5% of people choose to buy more than 2.5% of the area of real estate; people in Beilun and Zhenhai sales; no one plans to buy six areas outside the housing. 90~120 square meters of residential is the public favorite purchase intentions within two years of the respondents, when asked "do you plan to buy large houses, 90~120 square meters of most respondents, accounting for 48.7%; the second is 120~140 square meters, accounting for 23%; choose 50~90 square meters accounted for 15.4%; selection 140 square meters and above accounted for 11.6%; 1.3% of respondents choose 50 square meters. Residents purchase pressure is still large in two years with the intention of buying respondents, when asked "you can afford the price of housing is much, the number of 10 thousand ~1.5 million square meters, accounting for 52.6%; 10 thousand square meters accounted for 21.8% yuan, 15 thousand yuan per square meter accounted for ~2 15.4%; 20 thousand ~2.5 million square meters accounted for 7.7%; 25 thousand yuan accounted for more than 2.5% square meters. Based on the above we can see that 74.4% of the respondents can afford the price of housing in 15 thousand yuan square meters, and the downtown area in the sale of real estate, especially to improve the type of real estate price generally more than 15 thousand yuan per square meter, that residents purchase pressure is still large. 60% of the respondents said the high prices this year, the Ningbo real estate market rapid recovery, residential sales prices continued to rise, when asked "how do you think the current" housing prices in Ningbo, 63% of respondents believe that "high", and in April this year.相关的主题文章: